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Recurring themes

All of the anti-war letters printed lately have two recurring themes.

First, their hatred for George Bush comes through loud and clear. They put politics above their country.

Second, they offer no solutions other than waiting. Waiting for Saddam to strike is a recipe for disaster.

At this critical stage, we need to put politics behind us and stop this threat to world peace. ' Chad Robinson, Medford

Patridge can't understand

Why is it that Rob Patridge and the other do nothing legislators can't understand no more taxes?

His newest idea is to tax auto insurance premiums. Our auto insurance rates have gone through the roof.

The idea of more taxes will solve the problem has got to end. Mr. Patridge needs to work within a budget like the rest of us. '

Ron Unis, Medford

Birch Society worse than Lott

Now that the Trent Lott flap has cooled down, it seems that the rest of the story received no attention at all.

For over 25 years Mr. Lott has stated publicly his love and admiration for the Confederacy and for racial segregation. That makes him not only a racist, but a traitor to America and its credo that all men are created equal.

We must never forget that the Confederate leaders, much like Hitler, Tim McVeigh and Osama bin Laden, hated America with a passion and did their best to kill as many Americans as they could. The correct word to describe the Confederate leaders is traitors.

On a related issue, the John Birch Society has gone on record more than 30 times since 1959 as regarding civil rights and voting rights for black people as a communist plot. They have also publicly opposed integration and equality for nonwhites and, with no evidence, labeled Martin Luther King a communist.

Like the disgraced Sen. Joseph McCarthy, this group operates largely on fear-mongering and baseless accusations. By any reasonable standard, that alone shows this group to be even more bigoted and anti-American than Mr. Lott. ' James Snyder, Medford

Charges were old

I was wondering why the Mail Tribune mentioned the charges against Chris Bitgood in your article of Jan. 30. His charges had all been taken care of and time served except for the criminal trespass charge.

They were old charges and did not need to be brought up again in one of the last articles written about him. They could have mentioned some of the good things he had done instead. ' Judith Pierpoint, Medford

Letter was prophetic

As a history buff, I often save things, and they sometimes turn out to be very prophetic. This letter to the editor many years ago is a perfect example. It was written shortly after Steve Wisely took the job as superintendent in Medford.

It reads,

I notice Medford schools in the news recently ' no busing of students.

How strange this phenomenon would crop up in Medford after also happening in Lebanon. Interestingly this odd happening seems to follow around our recent superintendent of schools, Steve Wisely.

Something you might expect now is the closure of rural schools, increases in administrative salaries and alienation of voters as heavy-handed philosophies enter your lives.

Good luck in Medford.' R.A. Rutherford, Lebanon

P.S. Your school board members exist solely by your vote.

The P.S. is especially appropriate, too, in light of what Jack Day (or was that Trent Lott?) said recently. ' John Grafwalner, Jacksonville

As good as it gets

The folks who live in the Pheasant Meadows subdivision sure are lucky. They are in walking distance to the future home of one of the best churches in the valley, the Jacksonville Presbyterian.

I wish that I could afford a home there. My best friends range in age from 4 years to 89 years and regularly attend this church. This is as good as it gets. ' Norman Misek, Jacksonville

Disappointed to find bigotry

Tedd Daw, in his letter Feb. 2, complained about OPEC. He described it as a handful of businessmen who employ their countries to do their bidding for them, even go to war to strangle their competition.

I wonder how many readers caught the main point of his letter. He said OPEC was Jewish controlled.

Since Adolph Hitler, among the people still mouthing that kind of bigotry are those in the Ku Klux Klan or Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. I'm disappointed to find this in the Rogue Valley. ' Maynard Telpner, Ashland

Life on a silver platter

Mrs. Bedell's ad seeking employment for 22 troopers, scientists, etc., should receive incredible feedback given the qualifications and integrity of the individuals recently laid off from their jobs. Unfortunately, this state continues to reinforce what seems to be a widespread belief that self-discipline, honesty and a willingness to work will get a person nowhere.

However, if you find yourself involved in substance abuse and criminal activity, our wonderful state will serve you life on a silver platter. ' Amy Pollard, Medford