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Give president a break

Please, you comedians who dwell on the left, finding fault with one of our greatest and most honest presidents, give yourselves a break. Dean, John, Cindy, Ruby, etc.

You seem to take turns making derogatory statements to belittle our president. How in the world can you be upset over a president who has the American citizens' welfare at heart?

A friend who works in our White House states our commander in chief agonizes over his duty to keep us safe. He has also selected the best minds for his staff.

We suggest you analyze and pray before you criticize one so honest as Bush. Believe us, the silent majority are behind him and your rhetoric is doing just the opposite as you desire. Millions pray for him daily, and these prayers are not falling on deaf ears. ' Don Lystra, Medford

What is the payoff?

Mr. W.M. Story Jr. of Eagle Point offers a thought-provoking question: What if Saddam died, what would happen? I offer this: not much more than if W died in the night. In either case the corporate-selected successors would take over and the C EE EE Oh-cratic beat would go on.

I postulate no secret conspiracies, nothing secret about who owns us at all. I'd rather speculate on the payback ratio; for every million dollars loan-sharked to a given political campaign, how much is the payoff in round billions of taxpayer bucks? How is it that even the most tentative campaign fund reformer like McCain is slapped down before even getting to toe the mark? ' Chuck Hancock, Eagle Point

War is unthinkable

When I hear President Bush talk about executing a preemptive war on Iraq in order to remove Saddam Hussein from power, what I think of is what war looks like. I think of how frightened, vulnerable and powerless the Iraqi people must feel at this moment. I think of the destruction of homes and cities, of crops and babies, of clean air and water. I think of all our military people waiting to be given the word to engage in battle, and wonder how they feel. I think of the billions of dollars that have already been spent, and that are going to be spent to destroy a country, and then supposedly build it back up again. I think of the many needs of people in our country that are going unmet, and how those needs are going to continue to grow as all our time, energy and dollars are being re-directed to this thing called war.

I think that war is unthinkable, and I will be calling President Bush, and the Congress, every day to tell them what I think. I urge you to do the same. ' Ginger Rilling, Talent

Why increase speed?

Those of us who have matured beyond our teenage years have one word for Rep. Randy Miller, who again attempts to pass legislation to increase the Oregon speed limit to 75 mph.

Why? To keep up with California? To increase highway fatalities? To give opportunity to inexperienced young drivers a chance to be more at risk to themselves, their passengers and other drivers? To make drivers feel less safe, with everyone driving 80-85 mph, with fewer police patrols available?

To decrease fuel efficiency during a time when gasoline prices could only be on the rise? The only positive reason is that we might arrive at our destination a few minutes earlier. Is that worth it? Mr. Miller, please work on issues that do not pose more threats to the lives of innocent victims. We have enough of those already don't we? ' Deborah Holden, Ashland

No place for kids

Sunday was a beautiful, warm day so we packed up the kids and bikes and headed for the bike path. We had no more than turned the first corner and there under a bridge was a campsite complete with lawn chair and sleeping bag.

As we rode on we were passed by one of the local residents, who insulted us with a rude comment. Further down the path our children became intrigued with the pile of human feces left with toilet paper and all. Later we observed the trash that the person eating his lunch on the bench had just thrown over his shoulder.

All along Bear Creek there were campsites. There are posted signs ' no camping ' but evidentially not being enforced.

Why is this area being neglected? Doesn't anybody care?

We as taxpaying citizens need to reclaim the path we paid for. This is a disgrace to our community.

Maybe they should post a sign: No place for kids! ' Linda Sutton, Gold Hill