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Letters to the editor

Priorities skewed

It seems Bush has his priorities ridiculously skewed. He proposes unloading the federal government's relationship with the nation's poor onto the financially strapped states, who are already forced to slash needed programs because of the weak economy.

In spite of huge deficits he continues to propose multi-billions in tax cuts for the very wealthy and he refuses to even consider the massive cost of war with Iraq in his budget. He's leading us down the road to disaster.

I agree that Saddam must go but I think we should seriously consider world opinion and not unilaterally declare war on this murderous despot until we have absolute proof that he has weapons of mass destruction. One of Bush's intelligence reports of Saddam's malfeasance has already been proved to be without foundation.

He says his actions are to safeguard us, our friends and allies. What friends and allies? It appears the majority of the world's population thinks we're being governed by a pack of lunatic fringe bullies.

If we're concerned about terrorism now, wait until we've killed thousands of innocent Islamic women and children. ' Earl Bogardus, Eagle Point

Time for new ski lift

I am

writing you to ask why the new ski lift for Mount Ashland has not been approved or put up yet. It has been set aside for two years already and I think it is time for them to stop thinking about it and just do it.

I don't understand why

the environmentalists would have

a problem with a new

ski lift, considering that

if and when

we do get the new ski lift it will bring people from all different parts of Oregon and all over to come experience the new and improved Mount Ashland. The more tourism Mount Ashland

has the more money they have, which means better ski programs for kids, better ski portal equipment and a better rental department.

This money would also go toward fixing the existing lifts (such

as the

Windsor lift). A few weeks ago the Windsor lift broke down and all the people that were on it had to sit there for two hours until they could finally get the backup generators working.

Looking at the

long-term results of adding this new ski lift would be better helping Oregon's economy. That is why I don't really understand what the holdup is. ' Tela Bennett, White City

Thanks, George

We have inspectors in Iraq, huge military forces in the area, and we will soon have 24-hour overhead surveillance. Saddam has no chance of attacking anyone, gassing his own people, or building a nuclear weapon without us being all over him.

This is called deterrence, and reasonable people agree that it is much more compassionate than a war in which thousands of innocents will inevitably be killed (Bush has never commented on the many deaths which will occur in his war. I guess he feels that Iraqi deaths are OK, but it should be noted that some U.S. soldiers will die ).

So why this continued rush to war? What are we not being told, or is Bush, as many people have suggested, using his war to cover up his policies which are mainly beneficial to the well off? The latest poll from Britain shows that people there are much more afraid of Bush than Saddam; I have to agree with them.

One other thought: Would not a war, with all its distractions, be a great time for terrorists to attack the U.S.? Thanks, George. ' Bob Carson, Medford

Government for the people?

As a resident voter of Oregon and a citizen of the United States of America, I would like to express my dissatisfaction in the way the Oregon state government has made recent decisions of cutting necessary and valuable services for the people of Oregon.

It has become common knowledge that it is possible for cuts to be made from extra programs that would not affect the Oregon people in the way recent and probable potential cuts will. American government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It appears that decisions that have been made have been made for the benefit and ease of the government rather than for the people.

Our children, our elderly and the protection the Oregon state troopers provide are essential to our state. Please remember, America is a great country because of our governmental process. Please stand up for the people and make the process work. ' Sheri Bryan, Medford