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Do it right next time

Presidents' Day has come and gone with no salute to the great men that it was meant to honor. Presidents Washington and Lincoln were extraordinary examples of Christian statesmen. The day was supposed to be used to show how we could conduct ourselves and our children to follow their examples.

If we forget where we came from, we will also forget where we are going. This greatest of all countries was founded on Christian principles by Christian statesman. Could it be that we are in the mess we are in now because we have indeed forgotten our mission?

Our schools should have been alive with the message of these great men, and it should have been front page news in the newspapers. Let's do it right next time. ' Phillip Southern, Eagle Point

Writer goes too far

Mr. Michael Steely goes too far when he calls the secretary of state a liar and the president of the United States a terrorist (Feb. 16). Although a sincere and rational argument against war could be made, Mr. Steely fails to do so.

Mr. Steely writes of the blood that will be on the hands of Americans if a war commences. I suggest that Mr. Steely may have some blood on his own hands eventually ' the blood of the soldiers and sailors who are, at this moment, ready to place themselves in harm's way so that he can continue to sip his cappuccino in comfort and safety.

Paradoxically, while Mr. Steely spends time writing letters slandering his leaders, those same leaders continue to work hard to protect his freedom and security. ' Greg Jeffries, Medford

Find better headlines

I think that we have nothing to fear , but fear itself. The continued headlines popularizing terror and warfare are not helping the nation or the population of the United States. War and terror are horrible and terrible experiences.

Why does the media continue to feed the terrorism and continue to frighten the public with its frightening headlines? We are in a situation where calm minds and courageous hearts must prevail. Find better headlines for your newspaper. ' Carole L. Mercer, Eagle Point

Thanks, Cascade Christian

On Feb. 14, the Illinois Valley girls basketball bus broke down near Lake of the Woods on the way to a game at Mazama High School. The wait for another bus from Grants Pass meant missing the junior varsity game, and possibly being late for the varsity game.

As the bus driver was putting out caution signs, another bus pulled in. It was the Cascade Christian teams headed for Lost River, and a ride was offered. The Illinois Valley girls made it to their game on time, thanks to these good Samaritans!

We in the Illinois Valley have always noticed the good sportsmanship exhibited by Cascade Christian teams, and we are now grateful for their kindness, also. We look forward to the next meeting of our teams! ' Gary Snook, Illinois Valley