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Letters to the editor

How many lead by example?

I read on the front page of the Feb. 26 paper that now Portland School Board members have joined our own Jack Day in recommending that teachers work 10 days without pay to ease the budget crisis. They just might be on to something here.

If everyone would contribute two weeks' wages to the schools, I'm curious; how many of these school board members have led by their own example? ' Merry Harris, Medford

More important things to do

I think Randy Miller's priorities are skewed. First he wants to raise the speed limit to 75, then he wants to abolish the ban on self-serve gas.

Come on, Randy, surely there are more pressing matters for the state of Oregon to consider than these two pet projects of yours. Putting lower wage earners out of work and creating havoc on the highways does not help the overall economy. ' Scott Van Horn, Medford

No legitimate purpose

No useful, legitimate law enforcement purpose was served, nor any useful public safety purpose served by the state police announcing that there would be no officers on the highways between 4 and 6 a.m. Punishment for Measure 28, perhaps? ' Larry L. Lotton, Trail

Nightmare just beginning

Oregon legislators gave out tax exemptions to businesses and industries over the last four to five decades. The Oregon tax burden was slowly shifted over onto private property taxes and income taxes, fueling the recent revolt.

In just three years, Bush has done the same thing at the federal level, creating a powerful shift in tax responsibility from corporations onto the backs of taxpayers.

His tax breaks and outright subsidies to industries ' &

36;55 billion to energy companies alone ' and more billions elsewhere can haunt us for decades.

But worse, Bush has no economic recovery plan. Rather than a comprehensive, multi-pronged policy, Bush is still coaxing along his reluctant-donkey, single-carrot tax cut. The 2001 tax cut accomplished nothing; another won't help. Economists are beginning to agree (in itself an amazing feat) that Bush's economics are damaging.

A &

36;307 billion deficit. One war ' ultimate cost unknown. An obsessed madman at the helm ' admittedly 100 percent focused on Iraq. Struggling markets. Another &

36;300 million hit coming to Oregon. No recovery plan or policy in sight.

Wow! The costs of Measure 28 were insignificant compared to the enormous price we will be paying for all this.

The all-American economic nightmare is just beginning. ' Lloyd Knapp, Jacksonville

Flag represents nation

The flag represents our nation. Not the persons temporarily in power. Sort of like the military where the salute is to the uniform and rank, not necessarily to the person wearing it.

Although I personally support our leaders' efforts, I do also recognize the right to dissent. Perhaps persons so inclined should consider emigrating to a country more to their liking.

The country they are supporting might be a good choice. My understanding is that the standard punishment there for dissent is having your tongue cut out. They might want to rethink this option.

We live in the freest and greatest country in the world, even considering occasional missteps. I spent a good chunk of my life in support of this flag and the ideals it stands for. I find their actions insulting and degrading to say the least. ' Ralph O. Wyant, retired Senior Master Sgt., U.S. Air Force, Eagle Point

Honor the flag

After seeing the picture in this morning's paper of our American flag being burned, I felt I needed to express my feelings about our flag.

1. I am respectfully proud that we in America are free to voice our convictions, and I wouldn't want my rights to denied.

2. Our flag has flown high now for over 200 years and is a symbol of the fact that we all have a right to disagree.

3. Whether we make our feelings public by walking, lying down, or sitting high in a tree without food , we are permitted that right.

4. To burn our American flag destroys the very symbol of that which give us the right of our freedom. It dishonors all the young men who fight and die for our country, in order that we may continue to have our right to express our joy or discontent.

5. — want to encourage all of us to keep honoring and respecting our flag because whether we salute, stand at attention or turn our backs, it is the very symbol that gives us that guaranteed right to express our individual feelings. ' Bob Trimmer, Medford