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Support Women in Black

If Mrs. Thomson of Trail, the Woman in White, really cares whether her grandson in the Middle East comes home alive, it seems to me she ought better to stand with the Women in Black who are trying to keep our belligerent president's war of aggression from becoming bloody. It is possible to support military personnel without agreeing that war is a good answer for anything. ' Dick Straw, Talent

Budget cuts affect us all

To the writer of there will be no 'wolves' lurking at my children's door, guess what? They're already here! The county district attorney just made theft 2 and reckless endangerment noncrimial violations.

Your children will have 10-plus fewer days of education this year. A homeless lady in Applebee's parking lot told me her caseworker cut her off because of the failure of Measure 28. What in any of this does not affect you? ' Thomas Beatty, Central Point

State workers do our jobs

According to James Snyder, nonunion workers will gladly do state workers' jobs, with greater skill and enthusiasm, for half the pay.

Half pay equals sub-minimum wage for most front-line state workers, including me. I'm sure we won't see Mr. Snyder volunteering for state jobs at half pay.

In my office, we work hard all day for an increasingly unappreciative public. Here is a message for state worker bashers: We earn our paychecks, so back off! ' Scott Morrell, Medford

How refreshing

So George Sexton of the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center says the greenies want the federal agencies to follow the environmental laws that are already in place. How refreshing.

The Clinton Forest Plan has been in place for 10 years but has never been implemented because of continual harassment by the environmental groups. Perhaps now, they will follow the law and let the agencies manage the land. ' Pat Clason, Medford

Dog attacks frightening

Over the last three weeks of January there were three dog attacks during the night on our livestock. We lost in these three separate attacks 12 sheep and one llama.

This llama was mortally wounded in the last attack while trying to protect his three remaining friends. He was left to suffer and die by these vicious dogs.

After every attack animal control was called. Large dog prints were found each time. Not once during the first two attacks was a trap brought by them to capture these dogs.

Now that we have no more sheep to chase, a trap was brought to us. A cougar or coyotes have been blamed. We know it was dogs. I heard dogs barking after the second attack. These dogs killed for the sport of it, not for food.

I have a grandson. I am afraid to allow him to play in my fenced yard. These dogs enjoy the sport of chase and kill, and what would stop them from attacking a child?

If anyone has any information of this horrible crime done by this group of dogs please contact me at 855-1357. Someone knows their dogs were involved; please stop them, they are dangerous. The only clue we have so far is that one of them looked like a German shepherd. I seriously am frightened what they will do next. ' Julie Bohnert, Central Point

FRight wingy-dingies

As a recent subscriber to the Tribune I've been very impressed with Bill Varble's Sunday column, Between the Lines. If he is not already, I believe he should be nationally syndicated.

Certainly, our country could benefit from his low-key, clearheaded and often humorous commentary in contrast to the largely hysterical FRight wing (far right) claptrap that seems to dominate a lot of media, especially talk radio these days. I think we all have enough to worry about without the FRight wingy-dingies doing their best to shame us into war-mongering submission. ' Gabriel Fonseca, Ashland

They don't care what we think

The demonstrations, marches and meetings opposing the attack on Iraq make people feel important and proud of themselves, but none of these things will keep Dubya and his idiotic friends from launching the attack.

None of the protests during the Vietnam war helped end the conflict there either. The massive amounts of money wasted there were cut off and the U.S. lost its first war.

The attack against Iraq will happen because our so-called leaders don't care what the people that elected them think. ' William B. Carnegie, Gold Hill

Don't discourage insurance

There's a truism that says, Whatever the government taxes, it discourages (incentive, production, etc.)

Whatever the government subsidizes, it encourages (entitlements). Do we really want to discourage buying auto insurance? ' Ben Stanos, Ashland