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Check your facts first

If someone sends you an e-mail telling you to beware the flesh eating bananas, or to say no to the e-mail tax, or that Democrats are pillaging Social Security, don't forward it, and absolutely do not send it in to the Mail Tribune Letters to the Editor page. Check your facts first at sites such as hoaxbusters.ciac.org or snopes.com or . ' Doug Cochran, Ashland

Missing the Rogue Gardener

Since Feb. 16, I have missed the Rogue Gardener on Sunday mornings.

Bill Jacobs, KCMX marketing manager, reports the change in programming was a broadcasting corporation decision. Stan Mapolski, the Rogue Gardener, did not receive any advance notice of the cancellation. He couldn't report this to his listeners or say good-bye.

The two-hour program had many phone callers with varying topics. The program was very informative and specific with local information about our unique Rogue Valley.

Stan's personal experience is exceptional and was aided by listeners calling with options or other possible solutions. Gardeners have benefited from this program for 20 years, since Stan began in 1983.

We are losing the small hometown talk show for a canned taped travel host programming. Personally, my Sunday mornings will never be the same without the Rogue Gardener! He will be missed by many.

Where is the Rogue Gardener? Well, I bet Stan is out weeding his garden on Sunday mornings just like the rest of us. (And my radio won't be on!) ' Rosalyn Rhinehart, Medford

Show gratitude

Obviously I can't speak for everyone in Talent, but I know of quite a few people here (including the Talent Police Department) who will defend anyone exercising the freedoms that the Bill of Rights guarantees each of us in the United States Constitution. That includes Susan Wilson's right of free speech, even if it is threatening in nature.

So, like Susan Wilson, I also would like to invite all politically engaged patriots to come to Talent and show their gratitude for our country's liberties by expressing themselves any way they choose. ' Deborah J. Riley, Talent

Flags drape coffins

Regarding the flag burning depicted in the Mail Tribune Feb. 15: I'm a World War II veteran; the coffins of some of my buddies were draped with the American flag, then buried in the U.S. cemetery in Normandy. They made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, their lives.

I have no use for anyone that burns the American flag. I have a message for the flag burner: Next time you burn the U.S. flag, wrap yourself in it first! ' Red Smith, Medford

We need sensible logging

We don't need to go overseas to find the terrorists, they are right here at home in the form of environmentalists. These people continue to close down industry after industry in this state.

First the logging, then commercial fishing, disrupting the farmers in the Klamath Basin and getting into the food chain, trying to block water to farmers and orchardists in the Rogue Valley. Boise Cascade has most of their fire-damaged timber logged, providing jobs and timber receipts to the economy, not the government, because of all the red tape and excuses they find for not logging this timber.

Without logging and timber receipts this state will never recover. We need sensible logging, for which there is adequate timber for sustained yield logging.

Tourism? Ha! That won't make a dent in the budget shortfall.

It might be worthwhile to find out where the environmentalists get their funding. Don't suppose it could be coming from those oil-rich countries, do you? ' Keith A. Cooley, Medford

Message to vandals

I would just like to say to whoever decided to drive through the Manor area throwing rocks at cars and houses Feb. 21 that their actions were juvenile, idiotic and demonstrated a complete lack of intelligence. Their actions resulted in hundreds of dollars worth in damage to many of my friends' cars.

They could be real men and confess and pay for the damages or they can be the cowards they have thus far been demonstrated to be. The world does not deserve to be inhabited by people like them. They should do themselves and the world a favor and throw the rocks at each other from now on! ' Sean Snider, Medford

God bless Erlene

God bless Erlene Thomson for having the guts to express her support for President Bush and our troops overseas. It's time the silent majority had their say. The front-page coverage of her one-woman stand in Vogel was a refreshing change from the flag burning we saw on those same pages one week earlier.

She said that she received nothing but positive comments from those passing by, so I would have to assume that there are others of us out there who also support President Bush and all our brave men and women who have chosen to defend this great land.

We stand behind our president and the good old red, white and blue! ' Eddie Janisch, Central Point