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KMED picks up 'Gardener'

In response to Rosalyn Rhinehart's letter Missing the Rogue Gardener, take heart, gardeners. News-Talk 1440 KMED is bringing Stan Mapolski and his Rogue Gardener program to KMED on Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m. starting March 15. Our station is more than proud to have Stan's knowledge and expertise as part of the KMED weekend lineup. ' Bill Meyer, Medford

Dog pulling is abuse

Regarding the article and picture of the St. Bernard straining to pull almost a ton of cinder blocks: Just because the dogs do this willingly does not mean it is in their best interests.

They'd walk over burning coals, too, if their masters asked them to. Abuse is abuse, irrespective of the willingness to endure it.

The masters should try pulling their vehicles behind them (preferably downhill). It's the equivalent in weight to the dog cart. ' S. Mackler, Jacksonville

Send celebrities to Iraq

With the latest TV reality shows concerning celebrities, May I suggest a new program? I'm a celebrity in Iraq. Get me the heck outta here. Those celebs who have so vocally opposed the possible forthcoming war could go to Iraq and join the many other human shields there. ' Deborah Waite, Medford

New Republican mantra

All my life I've heard the phrase tax-and-spend Democrats from Republicans, although most of this money was spent on social programs to aid those less fortunate.

Now President Bush wants to return money to his wealthy supporters and special interest groups by giving preferential tax breaks to them. This will be done on the backs of middle- and lower-income workers.

It has been calculated by Bloomberg financial news service that if this latest Bush tax proposal passes, President Bush would get a &

36;44,500 windfall, which is more than most of us make before taxes, and Cheney would get &

36;327,000. What a shame they don't seem to see any conflict between their gain and compassionate conservatism.

It seems that the Republican Party has a new party mantra, which is borrow and spend. This deficit spending policy of borrowing will be paid by our children and future generations for years to come. ' Donna B. Moore, Medford

Parents must be proud

I observed the Books Not Bombs anti-war protests conducted by Ashland college, high school and middle school students Wednesday. While there are valid reasons to protest coming war, I wonder what's happened to critical thought and manners.

I saw a 12-year-old carrying a sign which on one side said F'- WAR and on the other side BUSH=SATAN. And there was more than one. I'm sure their parents are proud. ' Bill Protzek, Central Point

It's Dubya's fault

The next time you fill your tank with &

36;2 (or more) gasoline, stop and ponder the fact that the main reason for the high gas prices is President Dubya's upcoming war on Iraq. He cares more about getting Saddam's oil than he does about the fact that the economy is in the toilet.

A small fraction of the billions he's spending on bribing willing allies would sure help Oregon schools and state police. ' Don Stone, Ashland

What has he done?

In The Oregonian of Feb. 19 there was a picture that is the complete reversal of the flag-burning (desecrating) picture in the Sunday Tribune. This is a picture of a soldier at Camp As-Sayliyah, in Doha, Qatar. He is holding up the flag to keep it from touching the ground during the retreat ceremony.

Does our flag burner realize how many soldiers have given their lives to keep our flag from being captured by the enemy or just to keep it from falling to the ground? I would like to ask him, what has he done for his country lately?

I pledge allegiance not to the flag itself, but to my country for which the flag stands, and pray that it will continue to stand for many centuries to come. I may not be in accord with all the policies of my country, but I can voice my opinion, and still be a patriotic citizen, supporting it to the best of my ability. ' Alberta D. Apenes, Ashland

Did I miss something?

Some time back it was reported that Saddam Hussein granted authority for his commanders to use chemical and biological weapons in the event the U.S. attacked.

If, as he says, he has no weapons of mass destruction, where are his commanders getting the weapons that he authorized? ' Bill Best, retired U.S. Army, Medford

Keep all soldiers safe

I honor the woman in white who is standing out to voice her concerns regarding the war in Iraq. It takes courage to protest against 13 million people taking to the streets in the name of peace.

But we all want Erlene's grandson to be safe and out of harm's way. That's why we are protesting for peace!

Saddam can be confronted by peaceful means with U.N. weapons inspections. This attack that she supports the president on will only create more terror, conflict and death to our American soldiers, to Erlene's grandson.

We want peaceful resolution (not inaction!) to the conflict in Iraq. Let's keep all our soldiers out of harm's way! ' Julie Gauss, Williams

Thanks, Erlene

This photo spoke to me from the heart. Erlene Thomson is not pro-war. That is not what this photo said to me. What it said was that she was in support of her president and her grandson who chose to serve his country.

How many other mothers, fathers, grandparents and other family members feel this same way, and yet this one woman said and did it all in one afternoon. I have family members in the military and also in harm's way.

I feel as Erlene does, support our president and our military! Thank you, Erlene. ' M.J. Hatch, Rogue River

A greedy and bitter people

Why is it that in such a time where money is scarce for education, law enforcement and health care that the state Legislature could even think about a speed limit increase?

With 100 or so less troopers on the highways and interstates throughout Oregon, why give people the option to go even faster? What if there were a huge accident? With 100 less troopers on the road, response times will be much higher.

Our state government should focus more on how fast we can find a solution to this state's problems, and less time on a way to find a quick way out. ' Jesse Riley, Medford

Not Bush's war

I'm tired of hearing that the use of military force to disarm Saddam is Bush's war, that it is a unilateral action, and that inspections work.

Bush's war ' not at all. Both houses of Congress passed resolutions supporting the president in disarming Saddam, giving him the authority to act against Saddam as he saw fit. Depending on which poll and how the questions were worded, between one-half and two-thirds of the U.S. population supports the president in disarming Saddam by force if necessary.

Unilateral action ' Not even close. Over 40 nations have expressed support, many offering forces or bases for any military action. This includes the majority of NATO and the European Union and even several countries in the region.

Inspections work ' wrong again. Even according to Hans Blix, the onus is on Saddam to disarm. It's not the inspectors' job to disarm him.

Blix told the Security Council that Saddam has yet to present his weapons of mass destruction stockpile for destruction and where he says they've already been destroyed has not presented credible evidence of such destruction. The closing sentence in his Feb. 14 presentation to the Security Council says it all ' Iraq is not cooperating. ' John F. Howard, Medford

Thanks, Erlene

I want to thank Erlene Thomson for sitting in Vogel Plaza with her sign supporting Bush and her grandson in the Middle East. My grandson is on the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, heading for the Korean Peninsula.

How many more of us are there with family members taking part in our armed services? Shouldn't we all be out there with Erlene Thomson? Thanks again, Erlene. ' Dorothy Cooley, Medford

Outlandish editorial

I have to rebut a few of the outlandish opinions made by the Mail Tribune's liberal editors.

First, your claim of the lack of attention paid anti-war (more accurately, anti-freedom) demonstrators is outlandish. These people have received substantial press. Your own paper printed (in color on the front page) a protester in Ashland burning our nation's flag.

Second, what is your criteria for direct threat? Saddam has clearly violated the U.N. resolutions imposed since the Gulf War for 12 years! In 1998 this prompted President Bill Clinton to order the launch of 500 cruise missiles (and air attacks) against Iraq without congressional or U.N. approval (no complaints from the anti-war crowd).

War was narrowly averted by Saddam conceding he would abide by the resolutions (see a pattern here?) President Bush has twice received congressional authority to take military action against Iraq.

Third, Saddam could easily implement weapons of mass destruction by utilizing terrorist cells already present within our borders (armed with biological weapons). Lastly, Iraq may not have been directly involved in the 9/11 attacks, but neither were Italy and Germany directly responsible for Pearl Harbor.' James L. Mecham, Medford

Support Historical Society

The Southern Oregon Historical Society is a great place. The teaching of the past is very important. We owe a lot to this museum and to the people who work there preserving our history.

The History Center ' where the past, present, and future come together. Hanley Farm is the oldest working farm in the area. Where people can bring a picnic and enjoy the day at Hanley Farm.

The children's museum is a hands-on museum, where you can learn and have fun too, and it is for everyone, and the Jacksonville museum where different exhibits show how people lived in the 1800s.

The Beekman House comes to life, seeing how the Beekman family lived. The History Store, U.S. Hotel, the Beekman Bank and the church from the 1800s, shows how people lived in the 1800s and the early 1900s.

The Southern Oregon Historical Society puts on different events to teach and to have fun. It would be a great loss and sadness to Jackson County if the Southern Oregon Historical Society would have to close its doors. Please support the Southern Oregon Historical Society. ' Lauren Diane Spector, Central Point

Vive la resistance

It takes more courage to stand up to bullying than to give him what he wants. The hysterical French-bashing is the truly cowardly activity.

So the bully is angry and the media is trying to stir it up, but we shouldn't be buying it. This is about ethnocentrism and denying reality; the majority of us are against starting a war and the majority of Europeans as well.

Those who are decrying French resistance are showing their love for tyranny rather than patriotism. France is standing for those same values we give lip service to: peace, democracy and sovereignty.

Some want to see it as civil disobedience; how dare they defy us, don't they know America is the world dictator? We are the only people who matter after all.

For the love of liberty and peace, and just a little joy, go pick yourself up some French wine and maybe some lovely Belgian chocolates. And while you're at it, fight the warmongering and all the weapons they choose to use against us in every way you can. I will. Vive la Resistance! ' Valancy Rasmussen, Medford

We pay their salaries

Please do an article on Senior and Disabled Services; how many administrators, and what are their salaries. With Measure 28 cuts to seniors and the disabled, I think we should take a serious look at state government; how many administrators there are, and how much money set aside to help the poor is being diverted into administrators' salaries. I e-mailed Don Bruland with Rogue Valley Council of Governments to ask about salaries there, but got no response.


So, how much do these people make, and how many administrators does Senior and Disabled Services have in each Medford office? at RVCOG? In Salem? How much do they make? These people invent paperwork to justify their jobs, tying people up in endless meetings that accomplish little or nothing.


Food and Friends program; following it from the people receiving the meals to the federal source of funding. How much of the allotted money goes to food for the program, and where does the rest of it go?

I hope the Republicans accomplish their goal of cutting administrators and assuring that money allotted to the poor goes to the poor. We could save billions. ' Scarlett Miles, Eagle Point

Mindset is ludicious

I am so tired of hearing about Bush's so-called unilateralism.

Do people really think that our president wants to send America's young into harm's way, spend billions, open himself up politically, and take on all the terrible pressures of a wartime leader for kicks? Or because he (and his advisors, and the majority of Congress) feel it is his best chance for re-election?

That mindset is ludicrous. Our president and the people surrounding him are not idiots. One of their most important jobs is to protect this country from any kind of threat and if you consider it logically, they probably have a little more information than the rest of us.

Those of you that don't think Saddam is a threat, try studying his regime and its history. Should we continue inspections until his agents have a chance to stroll across our border with a little vial or test tube?

Thank God our leaders are trying to do what is right to protect this country, no matter the political cost. There are easier ways to get re-elected.

As for our allies, are their political agendas and variable goodwill more important than the protection of our country? I should hope not! ' Matthew Todd, Central Point

Praying for peace

A policeman's mother, wife or grandmother does not pray for additional crime in the city. He faces potential danger during every shift. She prays for his personal safety.

She is grateful for the backup by his entire department. As peace keepers, working together, they divert domestic violence, defuse homemade bombs and arrest dangerous criminals.

A military man's mother, wife, or grandmother does not pray for war in any part of the world! She reads newspapers, listens to news, and hopes that her young man's unit will not be involved in conflict. She is grateful for the support of other servicemen where he is stationed.

Perhaps she prays that the United Nations will be able to restrain those who press for war, and will limit the use of weapons by all countries. Perhaps she prays that individual criminals will be arrested, and that lives of innocent people will be spared from the inevitable consequences of war.

I pray that the leaders of our country will work with the United Nations. I pray that we will not go it alone in a pre-emptive attack on any country. I pray that we will not attack Iraq. ' Velora Morris, Medford

Appalled by council

I am appalled that the Jacksonville City Council (most of whom are associated with the First Presbyterian Church) would apparently put their own agenda before the safety of a neighborhood by granting a use permit to build Phase I of an ultimately very, very large church at the end of a lane. A few days after granting the permit, the council notified citizens of an appeal date which was incorrect; then to compound their missteps, they refused to correct that error when they met on Feb. 18.

Our street is called a lane for a reason. It is too narrow to support the amount of traffic that will result from the new church.

Additionally, there are crushed granite footpaths that cannot accommodate bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, baby strollers, canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. This necessitates using the lane/street for these activities.

Paved sidewalks are not an option because these paths wind around light poles, trees, etc. This is an issue of too much traffic and too little safety. ' L.A. Peterson, Jacksonville

Trap wasps now

Have you ever been bugged by yellowjacket wasps? If you live near agricultural or other open land you probably have encountered these pesky insects ' sometimes with painful consequences.

We can all help to reduce the summer population of yellow jackets by a very simple procedure. In March the queens emerge from winter hibernation and begin to establish their colonies.

Once the first batch of workers mature the queen will disappear into an ever-enlarging nest ' often a vacated rodent den. There she remains ' producing more and more workers until October frosts.

Each queen we can eliminate in March could lower later season yellow jacket populations by five thousand workers! To trap effectively you'll need one or two of the nontoxic traps which are readily available in many local stores. These must have fresh wasp attractant in order to do the job.

Even though yellowjackets are in very low numbers this time of year this is the absolute best time to control the future numbers. You may think you aren't catching many if you trap only a few in March. More likely you have caught pregnant queens and have actually trapped thousands of unborn pests. ' S. Aupperle, Medford

Donate the tax increase

Here's a thought: Oregon has 1,879,737 registered voters, 1,243,606 of whom voted in the Measure 28 election. Forty-six percent voted yes, about 572,058 yes votes.

If those yes votes directly donated the &

36;115 minimum proposed increase to our state taxes, that would raise a whopping &

36;65,786,670 and also be deducted as a contribution on their federal tax returns, if the donations are solely for public purposes.

Hmmm. Not to mention that you can direct your donation; city, county, state; schools, public safety, health care, etc.

So, for example, here in Jackson County we had approximately 31,393 yes votes. Multiply that by a &

36;115 minimum donation equals &

36;3,610,195. Over &

36;3.5 million!

That is a pretty good chunk of change, and what's more, you can direct where exactly you want your money to go, thus bypassing the bureaucratic trickle-down of your money.

Oregonians have the power to pull together in the true Oregon spirit, without the need to pass forced legislation, and voluntarily make a donation that would benefit the citizens of our communities and at the same time reduce our federal taxes.

Just a thought to put your money where your vote is. Do we need a law for this? ' M. Morehead, Talent

Concerned about letters

My wife and I are concerned about all the negative letters concerning war with Iraq. We're wondering what would have happened if our president had done nothing after the 9/11 towers attack?

Are we so naive as to believe that these terrorists are no longer mad at us and are not planning any more attacks on our homeland? Should we do nothing until they nuke one or more of our large cities?

You cannot trust a madman; we need to do everything possible to keep ourselves and the free world a safe place to live. We could start by praying each day for our leaders and our nation. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford