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This is about oil

Do any of you pro-Bush, pro-war people really hear yourselves? This is about oil, and Bush has justified it in his head by making some sort of religious crusade out of it. As always, the innocent will pay the price, and the fragile balance of the Mideast will be destroyed.

If the people of this region hate Saddam, they will hate us even more. 9/11 will seem like a prelude. ' Jean Strong, Medford

What then?

A unilateral pre-emptive invasion of Iraq will give North Korea the green light to invade South Korea and likewise give China the OK to invade Formosa. What then? ' Harlan Moore, Medford

U.S. cannot replace U.N.

Saddam's regime is repressive, but it lets females be educated and drive cars. It allows Christian churches in Baghdad, Kirkup, Mosul, and Basra.

Bush at war without the United Nations is further disaster to international cooperation, the United States economy, religious principles and world stability. The U.S. cannot replace the U.N. in our global society. ' Orcutt Frost, Medford

Dismayed at Walden

I am not too shocked, and dismayed that Greg Walden provided the impetus to continue trapping steelhead and salmon at Elk Creek Dam, now with a permanent fish trap.

The best science, and even the Corps, (not known for their environmental sensitivity), both supported notching the dam rather then continue a costly, inefficient and outdated methodology. I know he's not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier, but did he even consider the alternative? ' Yale Sacks,Central Point

More a wake than a vigil

In reply to Ms. Carson's snide remark regarding the Women in White: Unlike the Women in Black's vigil, which appeared to be more a wake than a vigil, the Women in White's gathering at Vogel Plaza was more a celebration of our country.

The WIB would not understand the joy we felt in waving our American flags and finally letting our voices be heard. The talk-radio hosts contacted Erlene, not the other way around. ' Ila Richardson, Medford

Equestrians say thanks

Being the auction chairperson for the Oregon High School Equestrian Teams benefit auction on Feb. 22, I would like to thank everyone involved, from the coaches, team members and parents, to the local organizations that donated items for both the silent and live auction, to the auctioneer, Stan Dupree and his staff, to the Jackson County Expo for the Olsrud Sale Barn, and last but not least to the buyers!

You all deserve the biggest thank you for a job well done. With the state finals coming here in May with over 600 horses, not to mention the number of humans coming into our community. We were able to raise a substantial amount of money to help with the scholarships for these youth! Thanks for all the support and the belief in the youth of today! They are the leaders of tomorrow! Thanks again! ' Debi Kubik, Crater High School Equestrian Team coach

Sad about school cuts

I've been thinking about what the budget is doing to our schools. I love school and am so very sad that we are losing days of school.

My school is losing 10 days but soon it could be more. Most of the fun things we do in school are now taken away. We have to cram all of the things in school we do into less days then we normally would.

My sister is in tears because her school doesn't have enough money to do all the things she has been looking forward to doing in middle school. If you can or if there is something us kids can do (I'm speaking for the kids of Oregon), then please let it be known. ' Andrew Buell, fourth-grade student, Medford.

Hail, Caesar

I would like to take this opportunity to write in support of our foreign policy on Iraq. Some protesters are saying that &

36;20 billion for Turkey is blackmail, that the &

36;200 billion for war could be better spent, and that Saddam has not done anything to us.

Sure, it's true. Sure, those billions of dollars would help to pay for teachers, keep schools open, and support needed services. I for one don't care how many schools we have to close or how many services are cut in order to get rid of Saddam. Who needs health care and education anyway? I say let's pave the desert with our Weapons of Mass Peace and Happiness.

I'm for anything that keeps the attention off our record trade deficit and falling economy. Last year's &

36;100 tax rebate didn't distract people nearly long enough. An extended conflict to divert the attention of voters from our own problems is just what we need.

I'm proud to be a Roman in, um, an American in this new millennium. Besides, with the rising unemployment rate we now have more time to wave flags and give hail to our Caesar, um, president. Come on-finish what your daddy started.' Jed A. Henderson, Ashland

Schools or troop ships?

When he said, Let no child be left behind, we thought Dubya was referring to their education, not a troop ship headed to Iraq. ' Richard L. Davis, Central Point