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Time to stop the nonsense

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, we watched the presidents of Iraq and the United States lie to us, each in his inimitable fashion. Peace, said George Bush repeatedly, while calling up 185,000 reservists from their peaceful lives. Peace, he said, while preparing to invade a country where 51 percent of the population is under 19 years old.

Peace, he said, while sweeping the Israeli/Palestinian conflict under the rug again. Peace, he said, while bullying and bribing a coalition to accept his plans for war.

His audience at the American Enterprise Institute was that top — percent who will receive his tax breaks. And, thanks to C-Span, we could watch their faces. Nobody was smiling; the women weren't even clapping.

Meanwhile, out in the country, people are confronting their elected representatives, and they are increasingly against this stupid war. They're doing their bit. It is time for the Congress to stop to this nonsense. ' Nan Trout, Ashland

Isn't it interesting?

I just listened to a famous talk-show host screaming that anyone who supports peace, supports Saddam, and all peace demonstrators are not Good Americans. I just read the front page of the newspaper which says our state does not have funding for adequate police protection, schools, the elderly, the young or the sick and disabled.

Then, on the same front page, I read where the United States is prepared to spend &

36;95 billion on the Iraq War, and to help the Iraqi people. Our president tells us what wonderful treatment we will give the Iraqi people after we bomb them.

Isn't it interesting to know that we have &

36;95 billion to spend on war and other people's welfare and that wanting peace is un-American? Excuse me? ' Julie Johnson, Medford

Consider the source

There is an old saying we don't hear anymore. Consider the source.

I'm weary of all the idiots the media loves and promotes and encourages. If these people are really in peace and unity yada yada, why do their signs not say something like Iraq disarm, don't force war?

Not for one moment do I believe these glory seekers are for peace.

They speak loud and clear, they want news coverage. To appear on TV is their ultimate.

Someone please explain to me why we need stupidity, perversion, idiocy to promote anything. If such is necessary then maybe the message ought not to be considered.

Why are these people not demonstrating in Iraq? No TV? Do these people think intelligent people are going to buy into this lunacy?

I hate war. But I remember things like Hitler, slavery, the Trail of Tears and more.

I hate the thought but I also remember there is a time for war.

Consider the sources. What are the agin-ers against? What do they stand for?

Seems to me 'nuff's 'nuff. ' Diana Conrad, White City