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Oh, for the good ol' days

Isn't it ironic that the good ol' days were when all we had to worry about was who the president was sleeping with in what room of the White House instead of worrying how he's going to cause the collapse of our economy and cause a World War? Oh how we miss the good ol' days. ' Ron Unis, Medford

Dams not always harmful

Elk Creek has never been a major fishery source. If Elk Creek Dam were completed, we would have enough cold water stored to keep the Rogue River cool and safe for the massive fishery produced there, even during the hot, low-water years that normally wipe out the fry in the Rogue by parasites.

We would therefore sustain greater overall fish production by completing Elk Creek Dam. Dams don't always harm the environment, you know.' Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Oppose war, not our troops

I'm against senseless war, not our troops. The brave men and women who choose to defend our country are not making the decision to go to war, big business and oil companies are.

Just because we have troops ready to attack Iraq shouldn't mean we couldn't change our direction and try continuing inspections to resolve this situation. Saving face should not take precedent over saving lives. Stand up for peace!' Debra Herzog, Trail

What is the real price?

We are told that the war against Iraq will cost billions and billions of dollars. But what is the real price?

The real price seems to be our American standard of living, our American way of life. Here in the Rogue Valley schools have closed and 10 days have been lopped off the school year; Medicare and Medicaid and all social services are slashed; state troopers' numbers reduced and gas and home heating oil prices are emptying our pockets.

Our billions of dollars are being misspent on a dangerous and unnecessary war, and it is causing a sharp reduction in our standard of living. Where is the need to kill innocent Iraqi civilians and American sons and daughters?

Our country is sitting on a massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. No nation would dare to challenge this might, least of all Iraq. ' Bess Hamers, Phoenix

Don't move Head Start

I am writing about Head Start. Head Start's success has resulted not just from its developmentally appropriate preschool education, but also from the health, mental health, nutrition, disabilities, family social services and parent involvement components mandated by Head Start Performance Standards.

President Bush is proposing to move the program from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Education. The funds for Head Start would then be made available to the 50 governors, with no assurance that the current Performance Standards would be met, or that the program's funds would be maintained for comprehensive services to the child and his or her family.

The Bush proposal places at great risk these critical services to our most at-risk low-income children, children with disabilities, and their families. This administration wants to shift the focus of Head Start away from the development needs of the child and the whole family in order to stress reading. Please join me in support for keeping Head Start's comprehensive services in the Department of Health and Human Services. The children are depending on us! ' Delcy Tibbetts, Medford

Support Erlene

I support Erlene Thomson for several reasons. One is I am a disabled veteran that has put his life on the line for his country and would do so again.

Two because my son is now serving his country just as I did. I call to all the veterans to show their support for Mrs. Thomson by showing up with her on Thursdays.

The Women in White can be supported by the veterans in uniform. I will be there if I have to walk, and believe me, walking is difficult with my disabilities.

Thank you, Mrs. Thomson, for showing these Women in Black that the Women in White are the good guys. Just like the old westerns, the good guys always wore white.

It takes courage to defend your beliefs and those of your president. The men and women of the world wars gave their lives so we could remain free and saved the lives of untold numbers by doing so.

The people of Iraq are killed by the thousands for wanting the freedom we have. It is time we gave their deaths a victory and that victory is only accomplished by removing Saddam and his government.' Steve Bossingham, Medford

Opinions are writer's

On Feb. 9, the Mail Tribune published my guest opinion regarding the Harvard University report on the export of environmental impacts from preservationist attitudes.

Some people have construed the opinion piece to be an official statement by the BLM and Forest Service. It is not. The opinions are strictly mine.

As we each consider and opine on strategies and consequences of federal land management actions, I merely wanted to add an awareness of the consequences of preservation. ' John Gerritsma, Medford