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Letters to the editor

No one, never

Irving Jaffe of White City asks in a letter to the editor Wednesday: To those who remain queasy at the prospect of war with Iraq: If not us, who? If not now, when?

I respectfully reply: Since inspections are preventing the deaths of thousands of innocent victims including our own troops ... No one. Never. ' Michael A. Hawk, Williams

Ike's advice still valid

Gen. Eisenhower was supreme commander for the invasion of Germany during World War II. After the war, Ike was elected president of the United States.

In one of his first speeches as president he warned the people of our country to be aware of the enormous power and influence of the military-industrial complex in America. This warning still sounds like good advice. '

Don Basey, Eagle Point

Remove the cancer

Congratulations to the lady in white from Trail and her supporters at Vogel Plaza.

From one of the silent majorities, this is the kind of support we had during World War II. Our government made its share of mistakes in that war but it didn't deter us from protecting our country and citizens.

Our world has a massive case of cancer (Saddam Hussein) and if it is not cured by the regular treatment (international diplomacy) it will have to be removed surgically. As in many cancer cases there are reoccurrences (North Korea, Iran, etc.) that have to be treated as well.

Remember the old saying, The only ones that don't make mistakes are the ones that do nothing? Wrong. The biggest mistake is doing nothing.

Personally, I don't believe that this will result in armed conflict but fortunately the final decision will not be left up to me. United we stand, God bless America. ' Roger Morrow, Talent

We're all victims of security

Regarding Wednesday's story on the model rocket enthusiasts: We are all victims of security. In the name of protecting America, the Bush administration seems determined to take America away from us.

I don't understand those who say, we're Americans, so we have to support the president. The point of being an American is that you don't have to support the president. And I most emphatically do not support this one. ' William Ashworth, Ashland

Voters not anti-education

Shame on you for Tuesday's front page! I do not believe for a moment that the majority of voters in this state are anti-education as implied by your leading stories.

I voted no on Measure 28 and I am not against education. I am against tax-and-spend-lavishly politicians, mismanaged funds, top-heavy administrations, scare tactics and punitive measures for the sake of saving credibility. ' Dee Hopkins, Central Point

Ridiculous proposals

The neighborhood group that is campaigning to relocate the Interstate 5 south Medford interchange has come up with some ridiculous proposals. They want to invalidate a two-and-a-half-year study that included an outside consultant, city, county and state officials and a citizens committee.

Included were engineers, urban planners, environmental and transportation specialists. Computers were used to predict the flow of traffic.

Relocating the interchange will mean wasting the state and local funds spent on the project and postpone any final solution until 2012. A new study would be necessary and a new application for federal funds would need to be made. Funds needed would greatly increase.

The proposal that future traffic designs be voted on by the public would lead to endless delays. Special interest groups could obtain undue influence. The not in my back yard mentality may prevail.

Developing smooth traffic patterns is a complex and expensive process which depends upon federal, state and local cooperation. Legal, financial, engineering, environmental and traffic-flow problems can be left to the experts as long as the public is well represented. In this case ODOT made real effort to inform the community. ' Richard Mayfield, Medford

Dare we fail to listen?

Lately the French, Germans, Russians and Chinese have shown up as the butt of our humor as traitors or at best cowards due to their resistance to our administration's initiatives at the United Nations. I take exception to such views.

Confucius is said to have explained that if there is a single maxim that can destroy a country, it is the idea that the pleasure of the prince is that he need bear no criticism. His point was that the prince who hears no criticism will make mistakes and fail to correct them until such time as his country is destroyed.

King Lear repeats the theme. We have the recent example of the Soviet Union to contradict the idea that power alone can insulate a country from such a risk.

Instead, Confucius implies, a prince should promote and show gratitude toward those advisors who will tell him what he needs to hear because they believe it true, not because they believe it pleasant to his ears, for those are his true friends. Dare we fail to listen? ' John Richards, Ashland

Wake up, Americans

A man compared Pesident Bush with Hitler. I may be too young to remember, but I know something of history.

One of the reasons World War II was so bad is that we sat back and watched as Hitler tried to take over the world. We knew the possibilities and what our allies and innocents were going through.

We did not get involved until we were viciously attacked on our own soil! As usual, we were a good big brother and stayed out of it until it was too late.

Anyone who thinks this is about oil should pull their head out of the sand. Saddam Hussein has the same spirit of evil as Hitler. He does away with women, children, sick, elderly, foreigners, all for a super race with him in charge. We get flak for doing our duty as part of NATO.

This isn't just U.S. Uncle Sam has big shoulders for others to put the blame on for things they would like to do themselves.

Please, American friends, wake up to what is going on. Have some backbone; do not let it happen again! Remember., Hitler was also secretly making bombs! ' D. Macy-Meeds, Jacksonville

Church produces quality

Of the McLoughlin Middle School students of the month listed in the March — Tribune, three students and their families regularly attend the Jacksonville Presbyterian Church. Why would anyone or group want to stand in the way of building a much-needed new church that puts out students of this quality? ' Norman Misek, Jacksonville

Just more talk

Does it bother anyone that at a time when we have sent young men and women to the Middle East to give their all for their country, this president has decided to stop funding special schools for the children of the military? Is there no limit to the meanness of this man?

Does it bother anyone that we have more than 200,000 men and women poised to attack Iraq while at the same time we are completely ignoring a crisis in North Korea with a madman who is busy manufacturing lethal weapons that he could in an instant rain down on all of us? Anyone with any knowledge of the world at all knows that the oriental people set great store by saving face. So our C-student president continues to talk tough and ignore this man, not even sending the secretary of state to attempt to work things out.

Our president continues to talk about cheaper drugs for the elderly poor when the budget is running such a huge defecit that we all know it is just more talk, the same talk we heard during the election debates. ' Marjorie Hunsicker, Medford

Study women's history

Oregon editors who refer to various proposed anti-abortion legislation as anti-women's rights bills should study their history. The foundation on which the women's rights movement rests is based on a strong pro-life stance.

Supporters of abortion who claim women have the right to abortions ignore the history of women's rights and the feminist movement. The dedication, conviction and strong moral clarity of the early feminist movement were based on protecting/promoting rights for women.

They understood abortion was bad for women and families and did not support it. Victoria Woodhull, the first female presidential candidate, was a strong opponent of abortion. The rights of children as individuals begin while yet they remain the foetus. (Woodhull's and Claffin's Weekly 2(6):4, Dec. 24, 1870.)

While the women's movement of our day publicly celebrates early feminists, it has in fact turned the original feminist movement upside down with its support of abortion. Today's women's movement has attempted to hoodwink an entire generation, key segments of our society (the media!) into supporting the notion that abortion is good for women, and a right of women.

The pro-life movement is the true supporter of women's rights. ' Cyndi Ash, Medford

Support soldiers, not Bush

The comparison made by Mr. Carnegie of Gold Hill regarding the effectiveness of demonstrations against the Vietnam War and the impending Iraq war were right on the mark, but he apparently forgot one fact. He stated, ... don't care what the people that elected them think.

Our war-mongering president was not elected, he was appointed by the Supreme Court! I suspect that Dubya remembers that presidents who are in off ice when we are engaged in a war usually get re-elected because of the electorate's reluctance change horses in midstream, and probably realizes that it might be the only way he can hope to be re-elected.

I spent more than three years in the combat zone in World War II. I know what the servicemen who have been placed in harm's way are facing. I support them, but I do not support the president who has put them there. ' Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Robert E. Will, Medford

Protesters are followers

My only problem with war protesters is that they are followers.

War protesters always wait till our American soldiers of war have picked up their might-is-right attitude to go off to war. And then war protesters pick up their signs, thousands of miles behind the soldiers of war.

Where are these protesters on war against drugs, war on hunger, coming war with Israel and Palestine, and the coming wars we see on TV? War protesters are loud, bold and noisy, while following our soldiers into war, and protesters always get the privilege to live to fight another day with their signs.

And where did this privilege come from? It came from fighters and their followers. ' Tom Rolie, Medford

Outraged at justice system

I did not ridicule those who objected to gay couples appearing on the front page of the Tribune, though I think their objections were ridiculous.

I did not despise those parents who encouraged their son to abuse the legal system to avoid responsibility, though I think their actions were despicable.

I will not even condemn the vandal who burned our flag in the Ashland Plaza, though I think the deed was contemptible.

But when I see a criminal justice system bargain with the killers of Michael Trayer, I am outraged! A mere 25-year sentence for beating a man to death is a farce.

I wonder what the defense made as their first offer? Community service?

It appears that everyone involved in this trial felt that justice was done. Everyone, except Michael Trayer's family. And, perhaps, Michael Trayer. ' Dennis Davis, Medford

Engage brain first

The other day I heard a flag burner on the radio say that our flag is just a symbol, therefore, it is OK to burn it.

Hello, that so called symbol stands for our right to free speech, freedom of religion and the right to live our lives as we see fit, as long as we respect the laws.

So the flag burner in Ashland should be thankful he lives in a country that will not cut out his tongue, torture him or shoot him for the way he protested the Iraq war. Please think of our future generations. Does he want them to live under an enslaving regime?

Our young people, children and grandchildren deserve a better future. Next time he should engage his brain before he acts. ' Ardis Barnes, Medford

Duct tape won't protect us

When I was a child we had A-bomb drills and hid under our desks. Now it's duct tape and plastic. An equally foolish response to danger brought to us by greedy people for a cynical desire to profit.

Some Americans believe if we conquer Iraq we can stop being fearful. It would be only the beginning of our insecurity.

Bush intends to colonize the Middle East. Three billion Muslims won't stand quietly by while we kill their neighbors and steal their oil.

Sept. 11 showed us what to expect. If we attack they will retaliate. Duct tape will not protect us if we allow Bush to begin World War III.

God gave America untold riches but put most of the oil in the Middle East. Bush thinks God made a mistake.

Bush is willing to risk our lives and those of our children serving in the military to get the oil. We will never be safe again if we allow it. ' Lorna Marona, Medford