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What superpowers do

The Yaltaesqe staged event on Sunday is an insult to one's intelligence. It is ironic that we meet with England and Spain, historically the most imperialistic nations on earth.

Maybe Mr. Bush can pick up some tips or spread the Mad Cowboy disease. Blind Patriotism + Nationalism = Imperialism. I guess that's what superpowers do. ' John Dodero, Jacksonville

It's not about oil

If the U.S. wanted Iraqi oil we would have taken it 12 years ago.

France, Germany and Russia have traded tanker loads of Iraqi blood for oil and other business contracts. They do not care how many Iraqis have been or will be butchered by Saddam as long as the oil and money keep flowing.

War with Iraq is not about oil and profits. Not going to war is. Liberate Iraq now! ' Robert K. Stock, Medford

Hope he's not a surgeon

I hope Mr. Morrow, of Talent, is not really a surgeon. (Remove the cancer, Friday). It appears he would be the kind to declare his operation a total success even when the patient dies. ' John Wilkinson, Jacksonville

The only place to stand

In response to the pro-America rally in Vogel Park begun by the woman in white: I admire her courage to stand publicly for what she knows to be right.

My brother, an officer in the Navy, just returned from the theater of operations. His carrier air group spent from May to December flying missions over the no-fly zone in Iraq and over Afghanistan. Our planes were shot at every day during the time he was there.

We don't hear about that in the news here. Our men and women in the military are in harm's way every day, yet those who rally for peace are more concerned with Saddam's safety than that of their own military. If they are not willing to fight to preserve peace they deserve the bondage that appeasement will bring them.

This is no oil war! This is a war to protect the free world from outlaws like Saddam, bin Laden and the terrorists. I am proud to live in a country that will defend me from the criminal acts of tyrants. Shame on those who hide behind the banner of peace with a political and social ax to grind.

We won't see anti-government protests or burning their own flags in Baghdad. Freedom to protest is protected by the government in a free society. Not in societies run by the Saddams of the world.

As patriotic Americans, the only place to stand is in support of President Bush and our military. ' A.M. Williams, Medford

Remove Saddam without war

I am a vet, and I would like to address three important issues concerning Bush and his administration.

First, I believe that any person elected president of the United States should have three ultimate goals as President: peace, prosperity and united Americans.

In Bush's first two years he has us going to war (appears to be an obsession with him), the economy is in shambles and declining every month, the country is torn about war, Americans are divided.

Second, it seems that old people in Congress vote for war, then send 18- and 19-year-olds to die in their declared war.

I propose that each member of Congress who votes for war should be ready to fight it. A family member can take their seat in Congress, then they can fight in combat next to the young men in battle.

Third, I and other war protesters support our troops. We just believe that Saddam Hussein should be removed without this war.

I believe that our country has the intelligence to create other ways to remove Saddam Hussein without bloodshed. ' Richard A. O'Brien, Medford

Crumbs better than nothing

The Rising Sun Farms cookies for the troops reminded me of my overseas cookie experience. In April of 1954, I celebrated my 20th birthday in North Korea. This huge box came in the mail and all of my tent buddies anxiously waited while I unwrapped the box. Mom had sent me 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies.

To my dismay, there were only three whole cookies in the whole box, some halves and quarters and a zillion crumbs. I took the whole cookies and some halves and put the box on a table and said, have at it, men.

Within 10 minutes, there wasn't even a crumb left for the pack rat that lived under our tent floor. One of my buddies said it was the best cookie crumbs he ever ate, and besides, cookie crumbs are better than no cookies at all.

Rising Sun Farms should be commended on their effort to boost troop morale; the Lord knows they need all they can get. I'll bet times haven't changed: If the cookies turn into crumbs they'll agree with me, cookie crumbs are better than no cookies at all. ' Allen Forrette, Medford