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Letters to the editor

There is a better way

The vision of the world we hold will be the one made manifest. The Bush administration envisions a world of pre-emptive war, space weapons, low-yield nuclear strikes; where fear and terror are forever assumed; where a boisterous Big Brother will always require more deadly weapons to protect us from them.

There is another vision, burning brightly in the hearts of people all across the world. There is a better way. And we will get there. ' Rob Hirschboeck, Ashland

How far would I get?

I have a neighbor. He isn't a very nice guy, he's rude, beats his wife and kids, kicks his dog, etc. My other neighbors don't like him and agree the neighborhood would be better if he was gone.

Also, he's started collecting guns; I'm afraid he might attack me, so one dark night I go in and take him out. I tell the cops I felt threatened. How far would I get? Regime change? ' Pete Herzog, Trail

One deserves impeachment

A young man burned a flag in Ashland. Another man occupied the White House, and is dragging the American flag through the streets and gutters of the entire planet, making a mockery of this once-great nation and almost everything it should stand for.

This guy is rapidly re-inventing America in his own weird image, usurping at least 5 decades of American progress. Only the second man deserves to be impeached. ' Lloyd Knapp, Jacksonville

We will fight for all

A letter in the Tribune from Ashland stated that if I really loved my grandson in the Gulf, I would join the Women in Black. When I was young these same people said, Better red than dead.

My grandmother's youngest brother, Roby Brown, a lovely young man from Sams Valley, is buried in France (World War I). If our American boys hadn't gone to their rescue, Kaiser Bill would have murdered millions of innocent French people and burned Paris, as he boasted he would. Maybe our boys should have stayed home!

There have always been people who refuse to fight for themselves, even some churches like the Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't understand this thinking, but try to respect it.

My family came to the Rogue Valley in 1864. Our family members have engaged in most trades, and when need be, soldiers, sailors, Air Force and Marines. If WIB and others who feel as they do will not fight for themselves, we and our children will have to fight for all of us. We are not willing to give up our lives and freedom without a fight. ' Erlene Thomson, Trail

Put away emotions and think

Recent protests have left the impression that the majority of people who oppose military action in Iraq at this time are left-wing peaceniks. I beg to differ. I am a conservative Republican who opposes this action on so many levels, only a couple of which I have room to touch on here.

First, America historically doesn't start wars, we end them. Attacking a nation which has not attacked you is immoral, despite what everyone likes to call an imminent threat.

No smoking gun has been found, that is, nothing to link the nation of Iraq to the attacks of Sept. 11. And America as world policeman is an untenable position both historically and currently as there are more bad guys out there than we have the resources or population to fight.

Now, suddenly, perhaps due to criticism, the administration has begun calling our mission one of liberation. The notion of liberation, however noble, must originate in Iraq.

If resistance movements within Iraq begin calling for aid, then it would be proper to help. Otherwise it's a slippery slope. Any nation might use liberation as justification for attacking its neighbor.

Put away your emotions on this and think! ' Robert Rushing, Medford

Find another way

The Vietnam War memorial in Washington, D.C. lists 13 of my friends. Every one of these Marines had a mother and I am sure that most of their mothers supported the war.

My mother sent three sons to Vietnam and now faces the prospect of having great-grandsons sent to fight in another unnecessary war. How will these women in white feel when their sons come home in body bags?

There are some things worth fighting for and this isn't one of them. The United States is not and never has been an imperialistic aggressor. Why start now?

While we should respect and honor all veterans, all military personnel and our flag, why should we respect and honor the wishes of a draft dodger who used daddy's money and influence to get out of service the only time he was asked to go to war? If you truly want to honor our veterans, our military personnel and our flag, tell the draft dodger to find some other way to be macho. ' Merl Miller, Ashland veteran