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If only it were true

Had a momentary vision of delight when I looked at yesterday's headlines: The tyrant will soon be gone coupled with the picture of Bush. If only it were true. ' Patrick Burch, Ashland

Blind faith

Mr. Mayfield's letter of March 14 indicates that Medford should pay ODOT &

36;15 million for the south Medford interchange and trust ODOT's traffic experts. As ODOT's own traffic study predicts failure of the project to meet originally stated goals, one would hope for better than blind faith in the experts. The people of Los Angeles trusted the experts and now have nightmarish traffic. It's our money, our streets, our quality of life, not ODOT's. ' John Pearson, Medford

War doesn't bring peace

It has been good to see letters correcting the misconception (perpetuated to some degree by the media) that anti-war equals un-American or anti-military. As others have pointed out, anti-war or peace demonstrators are anti-government foreign policy (or lack thereof). Also, flag burning doesn't represent the attitude of most peace demonstrators any more than middle-finger salutes and shouted obscenities represent the attitude of most war supporters.

We applaud the Women in Black and support their message, and we hope the Women in White don't see them as the enemy. In truth they share a common enemy.

We who feel war is not the way to gain peace also support our troops and wish them a safe return home. Our beef is with those who put them in harm's way in an unprovoked war.

Many of us who participated in World War II had the implausible notion that it was the war to end all wars. Since then we had the Korean and Vietnam wars, the invasions of Panama and Grenada, the Gulf War, the Bosnian Conflict and perhaps soon the Philippine and Colombian conflicts(?) and even possible war (again) with North Korea. War didn't bring peace then and it certainly won't now. ' Bob and Senta Cook, Medford

Need help understanding

I need help understanding something. If the weapons inspections are working (as some would like to believe), and Saddam really is trying to disarm, how does he supply his troops around Baghdad with VX nerve gas and other chemical weapons?

Why is it that some people in this country are more loyal to a dictator who steals freedom than the president of their own country, who wants to give those same people freedom? ' Dusty Brian, Medford

Only one regret

As this nation sits on the verge of war with Iraq, I have but one regret. And that is that I am not 25 years younger (age 35) and still the air wing ordnance officer on a big deck carrier in the Persian Gulf loading, arming and launching strikes around the clock towards America's enemy. I'm not sure the public understands the strength, tenacity and accuracy of our Navy's aircraft carrier air wings. ' Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Tom Borgen, Shady Cove

Thanks for rescue

I want to thank all the emergency personnel involved in the swift response, transport and care of Devin Haug, a student in our ski school program Feb. 24.

As I watched a Mount Ashland ski patrolman quickly attaching a rescue sled to a snowmobile I knew the odds were the rescue was for someone in our program. By the time I went up the chairlift and skied down, it seemed that all available ski patrol and lift personnel were there in action and removed him with care and skill from a difficult location.

I was able to confidently convey to concerned parents and students that Devin Haug was in the best care possible. Devin gained consciousness before leaving the mountain, and we all thank the Lord that he is at home now in good condition.

Thanks again to the emergency responders ' you all did an awesome job. ' Susan Huntley, Grace Christian ski program coordinator

Time will tell

Maybe Mr. Bush and his people are telling the truth. Maybe Mr. Hussein and his people are lying. Time will tell.

However, if one of my children or grandchildren is killed in a war to ensure or enhance some oil companies' profits, and time will tell, I will not again willingly ride in a vehicle powered by a petrochemical fuel. ' Alice Collier, Shady Cove