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Just as dead

Oregon Editors Say

Student's death in Palestinian camp a reminder death doesn't play politics

The Oregonian (Portland)

No matter how you turn the question, Rachel Corrie's death Sunday is a tragedy. The young woman from Olympia, Wash., is dead, crushed by a bulldozer she was trying to stop from demolishing a building in a Palestinian refugee camp. She was 23 and full of promise.

Was she foolish to become a human shield in someone else's war zone? Or was the Evergreen State College student a young idealist willing to forsake the comforts of home for others? Was she trying to shield Palestinian innocents or Palestinian terrorists?

We suppose the answer depends partly on your politics. What's certain is that something inside Corrie led her to join the International Solidarity Movement and now she is dead. That is tragic in the truest sense of the term.

But Corrie's death is no more tragic than the deaths of other young people ' some of them young Americans who had traveled to Israel ' who died in bombings committed by Palestinian terrorists. They're also worth remembering this day.

However you feel about Corrie's actions, whether she was a martyr or misguided, she at least made her choice.

Palestinian terrorists didn't give the young people killed in their bombings any choice in their deaths. That, it seems to us, is another kind of tragedy for these young Americans and their families.