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Praise for school official

We try to teach our children respect and integrity, and are hopeful that those who are in position to make decisions regarding our children's education demonstrate those values as well.

Mike Moran is such an individual. Through her childish tirades and publicity-seeking antics, Loretta Francis has shown she has neither. Keep up the good work Mr. Moran! We appreciate all that you are doing! ' Nancy Levos, Medford

Stress and freedom

Cool! I can just get a job with the Sheriff's Office, steal &

36;1,600 bucks in public funds, give it back only when caught, and never spend a day in jail for felony theft!

All I've got to do is claim stress and domestic discord? No problem. What a great world we live in! ' Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Shame on dog dumper

This letter is for the scumbag who dumped his dog near 24 Hour Fitness early on the morning of March 10.

We tried three times that day to capture him and he finally allowed us to do so early on the March 11. He was curled up in the rain, right where you had dumped him. He finally came to me, curled up in my arms and kissed my face.

He is a mixed breed, about 50 pounds, and may have some Rottweiler or pit bull, but is the sweetest, gentlest dog I've ever seen. Unfortunately, he does not socialize well with other dogs, and we already have two that we rescued from the pound. He would make a wonderful one dog companion. If we take him to the pound he will be put to death, so if you can provide a home for this dog please call us at 776-3347.

To the previous owner: That dog was full of love for you and waited patiently for your return. A dog is not a potted plant to be dumped when inconvenient. It's a shame such love was wasted on such a heartless person. To quote Thomas Paine, If there isn't a hell, there should be. ' Gene and Sharon Edwards

Another wise move!

I read with amazement in the Tribune of the last minute funding of a &

36;23 million library addition at SOU. Schools are closing; student costs are rising; revenues are declining; and we are building &

36;23 million library.

Don't have to look too far to understand why Oregon's revenue picture is so bleak. These are the same guys who can't understand why Measure 28 failed. ' Monte R Stamper, Medford

Statue of Liberty, RSVP

A suggestion for Americans who are disgusted with France for not backing our plan to attack Iraq: Send the Statue of Liberty back to France where it came from!

With the government taking away our constitutional liberties in the name of homeland security, we won't be needing a Statue of Liberty anyway. ' Joe Richards, Ashland

Appalled at desecration

As a World War II Navy vet, I am appalled at the recent desecration afforded our flag in Ashland. Our flag represents peace, freedom and hope to our country and to the world. While I agree with the right of free speech and would defend it to the death, I do not agree with those who think that desecrating the flag is a mode of free speech.

If those who feel burning our flag is appropriate, I have one message for them ... leave! Once they live under a regime that is dictatorial and oppressive, maybe, just maybe, they will appreciate what this country, and especially what our flag represents. ' Andrew M. Grassley, Central Point