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Mean-spirited attack

Those who sow the seeds of discord, division and distortion must be publicly rebuked and held accountable. Likewise, too, the malcontents who perpetrate scapegoating, libel and disinformation!

Consider James Snyder's mean-spirited attack on the John Birch Society (Mail Tribune, Saturday, Feb. 15).

As an activist in the John Birch Society since January 2000, I'm certainly much better qualified to evaluate the merits of the JBS, whose slogan is, less government, more responsibility, and with God's help, a better world. Therefore, I urge concerned voters, Christians, Catholics, gun owners, NRA members, pro-life activists, veterans, law enforcement, etc., to access the JBS Web site at , or call 920-749-3780.

The honest reader will discover a vast wealth of educational research on the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, voter education, the Second Amendment and firearms issues, Christianity, the family, government, taxes, the United Nations and infinitely more.

Mr. Snyder's vindictive mis-representation of the John Birch Society lacks research, substance and credibility. A moral and intellectual investigation into the JBS reveals hope for our constitutional republic, and the Judeo-Christian biblical principles it was established upon. ' James A. Farmer, Ashland

Dangerous coffee corner

Where were the county planners when the permit was issued for a coffee stand on the corner of Jacksonville Highway and Oak Grove Road?

It seems to me that is a pretty dangerous location to put a drive-through coffee place. It is on the corner of two very busy streets, plus right across from an elementary school whose crosswalks are very near the ingress and egress of the business.

By the way, with all the shortfalls in budgets, did the coffee stand pay for the wages of several sheriff's deputies that had to be there to direct traffic. I bet not. ' Barney Emerine, Medford

Wasting tax dollars

Just wondering, with all the budget cuts and layoff's within our police and sheriff's departments, what justifies two sheriff's deputies directing traffic in and out of Dutch Brothers on Jacksonville Highway on free coffee day, March 6?

Just another way our tax dollars are being wasted. ' Penny R. Cox, Medford