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Letters to the editor

Playing politics

Oregon faces dreadful economic, educational and social problems and our Legislature is spending precious time and money pandering to special interests.

Voters have spoken on the inhumane practice of bear-baiting and hound hunting twice, but the powerful hunting lobby has put on a theatrical and is pushing for the unneeded repeal of Measure 18. Supporting those who enjoy this cruel hobby, the Legislature is playing politics when we need action for the common good. ' Mary Kalakay, Medford

The real reason

I was the Medford Police Department's lead investigator in the case involving The Original Dinner Party, an illegal gifting scheme. I resigned because of DUII charges; it was that or be fired.

In leaving MPD I stated that I would be available to assist in any way with any case that I was leaving open. I have in fact done that very thing at my own expense.

The District Attorney's Office is backing out of this case and stating that the reason is my not being available or willing to assist. Not true!

All that remains to be done in this case is indictments and possible trials. The reason this is not being prosecuted is not because of me. You'll have to ask Mark Huddleston for the real reason.

To the many victims of The Original Dinner Party, I apologize that you have been so casually dismissed. To the many suspects of the Original Dinner Party who, in some instances, made hundreds of thousands of tax-free dollars, committing multiple felonies in the process, aren't you glad you live in Jackson County? Just don't get charged with DUII; there is neither forgiveness nor tolerance for that. ' Ray Leach, Medford

Feeling safer already

I am not a Catholic but I do consider the Pope a better moral authority than George Bush. The Pope recently stated: The very concept of a pre-emptive war is not only dangerous, but intrinsically stupid. By extension, the same could be said about those who propose or endorse the concept.

Don't forget, we reap what we sow. The problem is that what Bush is sowing, the whole nation will reap. In fact, we are reaping it as we speak.

Our nation's education and health care systems are crumbling around us while Bush spends untold billions on a bloodbath in Iraq, and bribing other nations to support it. In Medford teachers are laid off, school days cut, the frail elderly taken off Medicaid, but they are going to build a bomb-proof tower at the airport.

I feel safer already. If this is compassionate conservatism, I'd hate to see the other kind. ' Michael Steely, Medford

Actions speak louder

During his presidential campaign, G.W. Bush repeatedly stated that he was a uniter, not a divider. Well, actions speak louder than words:

If you point out that G.W.'s economic policies overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy you are accused of promoting class warfare.

If you oppose the administration's violating our civil rights, you support terrorists.

If you believe that workers' rights should be protected, you are willing to sacrifice national security.

If you demonstrate against Bush's invasion of Iraq, you are pro-Saddam and don't support the men and women serving in the military.

Then there is G.W.'s claim that he's a compassionate conservative. I'll save that for another day. ' Bruce Evans, Ashland