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Thanks to all who serve

On March 13, the heavy rains and winds we had up here took down a big tree and it took down the power lines and it fell across the road on Yank Gulch Road. That night I turned the car around and called a friend who gave me the number to call the power company. The nice lady said she would send out help.

Fire District 5 came, and then the power company. They all worked in the rain and dark with their lights on. It was a big tree across the road. They all did their jobs and were gone. Going home, I could see the lights on. Most did not know what had happened ' what we all take for granted.

I am grateful for all the people we have who serve us all, in so many ways we do not even know. Thanks to you all. We all have so much to be grateful for each day. Thank again to you all who serve. ' A.H. Burns, Talent

Dogs enjoy pulling

I can understand the letter writers' concern over the St. Bernard pulls, but believe me, these people do love their dogs. Bear in mind that these are working breed dogs, just like my Mastiffs are. These dogs actually jump with joy when they see the harness. They are not being tortured, and if the weight was too much they simply would not pull it.

You should attend a carting or agility show and just see what fun these dogs have. ' Sharyn Jinx Arthur, Timberline Mastiff Rescue, Gold Hill

Led by their noses

What do you get when you believe talk radio? You get Oregon today, a state brought to its knees. If the '70s were recognition that liberals had gone too far, then Oregon is evidence the far right has gone too far.

Rant radio creates the very thing it professes to abhor, freeloading. Oregonians who want yet cheaper and cheaper government are actually no better than those whom they abhor. Like welfare defrauders, they do not contribute to society and want something for nothing.

Previous generations of Republicans and Democrats alike would weep to see the compromised condition of education, safety and justice in this state. The better world they envisioned, fought wars for and taxed themselves for is being destroyed.

Those who think talk radio informs are naive. They are being led by their noses to living in Third World conditions. ' Myrl Bishop, Ashland