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Thanks to road crews

This is a letter of thanks to Jackson County Roads for clearing up the corner at Thomas Road and Sunset Drive.

The corner isn't wide open but it is better. Thanks to Carl Rhoten and crew, Dan Baker, Frank at planning and Eric Niemeyer, also thanks to Dale Petrasek at ODOT.

You all returned my phone calls promptly and your response was well appreciated. ' Richard W. Golphen, Medford

Letter contained errors

I believe that the Mail Tribune has the best Letters to the editor, outside of The London Telegraph, I have read. I read them all, despite the many factual errors in the letters you publish.

One was from Karen Salley, Ashland,

where she stated that Hermann Goering was executed at Nuremberg. Of course he was not executed. That fat blob of suet, the former Reichmarshall of the Third Reich, swallowed a cyanide capsule he had concealed on his body, cheating the hangman.

And Hermann has two 'n's. Selecting him as a source for anything is certainly a poor choice. He was slamming out at the Allied court in a desperate attempt to save his life.

I can't think of a single redeeming quality in the man or anyone else in the hierarchy of that abomination of a government. I say that with some authority since I have probably read 300 books on the Third Reich. I gained my interest fighting for my country on a B-17 bomber flying over Germany in 1944. 'Phil Garey, Grants Pass

Thanks to Craterian

On behalf of the foster children and families of Jackson County, I would like to once again thank the folks at Craterian Performances Company for their generous donation of tickets for the March 15 performance of Garry Krinsky's Toying with Science. The tickets were used by foster families and their foster children for a wonderful afternoon of fun and learning.

This afternoon was a much welcomed respite and treat for both adults and children alike.

May is National Foster Care Month. If you know a foster parent, please tell them how much you appreciate them. If you would like to find out more about foster parenting and you want to make a difference in the life of a child you can get more information by contacting Penny Esser at Child Welfare Programs, 776-6120, Ext. 264. ' Penny Esser, Medford

English is our language

English is the international language of the world. It is spoken and understood in far corners. Most people are honored to speak to an English-speaking person.

Why then when I phone a government agency do I hear a foreign language and I hear it spoken in the Medford area? If these people don't want to read, write and speak English, then they should be barred from all government programs, including employment.

Any government agency that publishes documents in anything but English has too much money and needs its budget cut. Charitable organizations need to look at people they are helping.

Other people from around the world come here and learn English, as did our ancestors. Does this one group think they are better than the rest of the people of the world? After looking at the crime reports, I think many are not.

Wake up, Washington and Salem, and make English our official language. ' N.D. Wood, Prospect

'Rude Awakening' delightful

Recently I had the opportunity to see Joanie McGowan's new masterpiece, Rude Awakening. This one-hour piece made me laugh continuously, which I needed badly, and brought me to tears.

Joanie is brilliantly clever, real and passionate about humanity. Let me tell you that it takes a lot for me to laugh but her humor is so personal that the audience was fully engaged from the first line to the last.

She is bold, her timing is impeccable and the depth of her own insights translate so well on stage. She inspires as well as leaves the audience with an investigation of their own life and impact on the world.

What a great marriage between art, politics and humanness. Colleen Pyke was a perfect match for the radio broadcaster.

I must say thank you to Joanie for bringing humor into this intense time. ' Jane Sterling, Ashland