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They don't get it

Self-service costs jobs

How in the name of common sense can anyone advocate laying off several hundred more Oregon workers? But if you think this is good for Oregon, then vote in the pump-your-own-gas initiative. Washington and California pump their own gas. Have you ever found their prices lower than Oregon? Also, according to national statistics, people are burned and killed each year while pumping their own gas. ' Tom Rice, Medford

Bush's ongoing assault

Everyone should be very alarmed that the Bush Administration can get away with imprisoning citizens in solitary confinement without charges, but they probably won't be.

Bush has people so well distracted by Operation Iraqi Fiefdom that they are either oblivious or indifferent to his ongoing assault on the economy, the environment and the Constitution. I felt a lot more secure when the only threat was from terrorists. ' Michael Steely, Medford

Bombs smarter than kids

Ghosts, witches, devils, angels on pinheads, flying saucers, TV psychics, astrologers, palm readers, sea monsters, loch monsters and an abominable assortment of missing links all belong in B movies and newspapers comic sections, not promoted as fact (or even theory) in schools or on educational TV.

These are superstitions, myths, hoaxes, scams and just plain old-fashioned home grown ignorance.

— We're reaching a point where our bombs are becoming smarter and more accurate than the minds of children. Computers are machine-tools, not replacements for more empty brains.

American children are falling behind the rest of the world. How much does it cost to teach an American child how to spell and read? How many administrator are worth one good teacher?

Pre-school and kindergarten teachers, though generally ignored, are more valuable than the highest-paid and most well-educated college professors. They are those who begin the process between child, parent and teacher relationships.

Other than concerned and loving parents, there are no educators alive who are more important. ' F.C. Mequish, Medford

Constitution is clear

I wonder what version of the U.S. Constitution Mr. Orin G Bartholomew is citing when he writes about continuous attempts ... to eliminate any reference to God from our Constitution.

In any standard version of this document the word God is never used and religion is mentioned only in Article VI, No religious test shall ever be required (to hold office) and in the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law respecting religion ... .

The fundamental law of the nation is quite simple and clear on the matter: Believe or don't believe whatever religious doctrine you want; just don't ask your congressman to get involved. It says so, right there in the Constitution. ' Edw. Goldhamer, Medford

Recently, a writer from Ashland wrote, I don't get it. These profound words were in reference to American soldiers killing Iraqi women and children who failed to stop at a checkpoint. The writer didn't include that the driver was warned with words, shots fired above the car and into the engine. Four soldiers died by a car bomb just days before and she doesn't get it? Writer, you're not alone: Many in Ashland don't get it. ' Bob Simpson, Central Point