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Leave it to the Tribune

While the vast majority of newspapers, television and radio stations are reporting the joys of the Iraqi people, leave it to the Mail Tribune to publish a story that one family is upset because of America's commitment to free the Iraqi people and remove Saddam's brutal regime. ' Richard Cody, Applegate

France has reached new low

I was watching a TV program about Napoleon. If you can turn over in your grave I'll bet he has. His beloved France has reached a new low.

France had their 15 U.N. minutes; now it is time to cash the support-Saddam diplomacy check ' worth about one Baghdad buck. C'est la guerre. ' Don Basey, Eagle Point

Vote for Joel Marks

I endorse Joel Marks as a candidate for the Medford School Board. His belief that no child should be left behind and his emphasis on student achievement and teaching the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic and American history will serve parents, students and teachers well.

His is an independent voice. He will hear all sides of every issue and make decisions based on solid data, benefiting the entire community, not a particular group or interest. He has taught in public and private schools, and served for five years on a school board in another area. He has served on the Medford city budget committee.

— He is conservative, but very aware of the financial challenges faced by education. Join me in voting for Joel Marks. ' Roger V. Hall, Medford

Wild turkey delicious

The recent articles about the turkeys have been informative about their behavior, but their value for food hasn't been mentioned.

My husband and I have a nephew who has kept us informed on the turkey saga since their original introduction to Oregon. With the economy the way it is, it would be nice if more people could be enjoying them on their dinner table.

Our nephew offered to hunt one down for us and I said, No, thanks, I once pressure-cooked a couple of wild ducks and had I been able to flatten them out more, they would have made a good tractor seat.

He assured me that is not the case with wild turkey meat. The next day he arrived at my kitchen with the nude tom (nothing like the broad-breasted we are used to).

I put turkey broth in the bottom of a roasting pan, put a rack over it and then placed the tom on the rack. I smeared it with butter, salt and pepper and a little paprika, then sealed it tight with foil, cooked it at 350 for an hour then another hour at 325. So of course in truth it was a steamed bird, and it sure made believers out of us! ' Lorna Erskine, Jacksonville

All lives important

Brad Jones writes (April 1) in reference to a Tribune editorial about Rachel Corrie's death in front of an Israeli bulldozer.

He said, I trust they're not implying that Palestinian lives are less important than those of anyone else.

I hope Mr. Jones is not implying that the lives of innocent Jewish men, women and children murdered by Palestinian terrorists are less important than those of anyone else. ' Maynard Telpner, Ashland

Rethinking the agenda

I am going to quote something I read in the last few years and if you stop and think about it maybe the poor Mail Tribune won't have such a heavy burden of letters.

I don't know who I am quoting, but I remember it exactly. Population will always increase faster than production, not only of food, but material things, and is held in check by war, famine and disease.

This is how it has always been and probably always will be. You can also include hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. (China 1800s ' 840,000) as things that hold population in check.

Maybe this will help the so-called environmentalists rethink their agenda. Maybe they will decide that water is more important for people than for fish. ' Louis Arnold, Central Point

Breaking even would be nice

A small article on March 27, page 7A, said Medicare probably will increase 12 percent next year, from &

36;58 to &

36;65.90. In 2003, it went up 10 percent.

Cost of living? Social Security increased 1.4 percent, cable TV 5 percent, HMO 11 percent, gas 40 percent, electricity 7 percent, taxes 4 percent. Even though my mobile home value decreased &

36;1,500, mobile park rent went up 10 percent.

Overall increase 11 percent, not counting groceries. If I ever broke even I would think I was ahead. ' Leo Richards, Medford

Just &

36;6.08 a month

Oh, woe is me! I just finished my Oregon tax return. Measure 28 failed. That saved me &

36;6.08 a month.

That &

36;6.08 has already cut many school days for kids.

That &

36;6.08 has put the burden of balancing school district budgets all over the state on the pocketbooks of public school teachers and employees.

Balance the shortfall. Cut school days. Don't pay teachers and other employees.

Oh, woe is me! What a heavy burden my social responsibility conscience now carries. And for &

36;6.08 a month. ' Otis D. Swisher, Medford