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Wanting answers

I still want to know how the Bush energy policy was formed.I still want to know what this administration knew prior to 9/11.

Thirteen of the 19 hijackers that hit the World Trade Center were from Saudi Arabia. So what was Bush doing entertaining the Saudi royal family at his home in Crawford?

Why is it that people from nearly every Arab nation must comply with strict immigration registration except potential terrorists from Saudi Arabia?

Why is it that the big corporations who will gain the most from this conflict in Iraq all have ties to the White House?

What are we supposed to do as a nation after these people make their billions and leave office?

— Connect the dots for yourself and observe the money stuck to the bloody footprints leading to the oval office.

How do Republicans justify spending billions on bombs while our children get inadequate education?

How do Republicans justify spending billions on big corporation bailouts and yet cut programs for the poor?

How do Republicans rationalize all the conflict of interest and nepotism in their ranks while handing out billions in government contracts?

How do the Democrats defend their silence on the matter? ' Tom Espinosa, Medford

Patridge bought and paid for

On April 1, I went with Oregon Action to lobby for affordable housing, prescription drug reform, also against HB 2624, the annual cost of living repeal, HB 2720, tip credit and training wage, and last but not least, HB 2569, the anti-farmworker collective bargaining bill.

I was to meet with Rob Patridge on these issues. He had already voted to repeal the annual cost of living increase in the minimum wage, and I believe he voted against the people of Medford who voted this in last November. He stated that he didn't believe in a minimum wage and he based his option on an economist's study, which he didn't name.

He was also against all the other bills, which would have helped a great many of the people.

I should not have expected any help for the people of Medford when he is bought and paid for by big business. Just check his campaign list. Please remember this when it is time to vote again. ' Helen E. Hooper, Medford

English is our language

The letter on April — from Mr. N. C. Wood, Prospect, could not be more accurate to my way of thinking. I, for one, came to this country from Germany in 1958 and had to learn to speak English.

There were no clothing labels, no food labels and no telephone instructions in German. I had to learn English. If I wanted to read anything in German I had to buy a newspaper (a few days old). I made my citizenship and driver's license in English and did not demand a translator when I got stuck.

Yes, it is annoying to listen to the voice mail when calling any government or business agency to be instructed first in English then in Spanish that your call may be monitored and push number one for this, two for that and on and on until finally you get oriented and think now I know what I want, then Spanish comes in. By this time you have forgotten which is the correct number to push. What a waste of time.

Also, I object to listening to information in Spanish but not in German. If the government feels so strongly in favor of the Spanish language, then why not have all recorded information in all the languages we have in the USA. Wouldn't that be fair?

Or better yet, spend some more money and have telephone numbers for all other speaking languages. The telephone book will be a little larger, but why not?

In closing I repeat, I do not support in any way or fashion, or yield or agree to mandatory bilingual language. ' Hanni E. Fuller, Trail

Support Historical Society

History teaches us that the bad times will end and the good times come again. So vision for this country's future must preserve the core elements of a desirable society during the bad times and expand them during the good times. One of these elements is the long tradition of looking to our pioneer past represented by the Southern Oregon Historical Society.

The preservation and presentation of history by the Southern Oregon Historical Society is one to be nurtured and maintained regardless of economic struggles. It is all our responsibility to protect that which makes us civil in our Southern Oregon society. This is why we urge the County Budget Committee to generously support the Southern Oregon Historical Society in upcoming budget decisions and the county commissioners to settle the ongoing lawsuit with reasonable and stable funding.

The commissioners are in the unenviable position of deciding what is essential and what is not. May the wisdom of history and vision for the future be their guides. ' Alice and Larry Mullaly, Central Point