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Ames should work in Salem

Mr. Ames should be careful to not break his arm patting his back for the public safety fee for Jacksonville. I own a parcel in Jacksonville and pay about &

36;1,150 in taxes.

The city told me that my new fee was &

36;540. Nearly a 50 percent increase on my taxes?

He needs to work for the Salem Legislature as this kind of tax increase will get us a policeman in every house and a fire truck in every garage. ' Lyle McLaughlin, Central Point

Pharmaceutical bribery

I see where Rep. Bates is tampering with the free enterprise joys of current capitalism by suggesting public reporting of drug companies' gifts etc . totaling in excess of &

36;4 billion per year. How much more affordable would prescription drugs be if the pharmaceutical giants were not dispensing &

36; billion in bribes?

Health professionals have long been routinely and blatantly urged by drug company sales reps to write state legislators advocating increased funds to the Oregon Health Plan so that prescription drugs would continue to be sold at obscene profits. This pitch traditionally follows a free lunch and dispersal of gifts on a regularly scheduled basis to professional health worker staff. It is no secret that medication costs are what have been bankrupting the Oregon Health Plan.

— What percentage of people in the Oregon Health Plan are on medication? 100 percent?

Business as usual; power, arrogance, cash flow, profit margins all bolstered by bribes. Who said this country's business is business? ' Wayne Roberts, Medford

Lee was a patriot

In response to the letter by James Snyder of Medford, published on Feb. 15, titled Birch Society worse than Lott: In this letter Mr. Snyder compares the leaders of the Confederate States of America to Hitler, McVeigh and bin Laden. He says that the leaders of the Confederacy hated the United States and did everything that they could to kill as many Americans as they could. He also calls these leaders traitors.

I can assure you that the leaders of the Confederacy loved the principles of the Constitution and the United States. One person who comes immediately to mind is Gen. Robert E. Lee, commander in chief of all Confederate troops.

Gen. Lee graduated second in his class at West Point in 1829 and had a distinguished career as an officer in the U.S. Army prior to the beginning of the War Between the States. He could not have been a bigger patriot, and only resigned his commission to take up arms on the principle of states rights.

That was the actual underlying reason for the War Between the States. The rights of the states to govern themselves, free of the interference of the federal government in Washington, D.C. ' Leo R. Bush, Williams

Please return dog

We had a Chihuahua lost or stolen two years ago. All the signs we put up were ripped down or our number blacked out, proving the person who took him wants to keep him.

Everyone around the Poplar Drive area of Medford, if someone you know suddenly had a small four- to five-pound Chihuahua, solid black with a small white spot on chest and looks like a small bull, and kind of bug eyed, please contact us. He has seizures and needs meds.

We have tried and prayed daily to find him, even now. He also is unusual for a small dog. Call and we will explain.

He reacts strongly to a couple of phrases we taught him and we have all the medical/vets files on him to prove he is ours.

Our lives have not been the same since he was taken. Please do the right thing and call us if you know who, or if you have him. He is one of our kids and we have never stopped looking for him. We have his brother and they miss each other very much. ' Steve and Sylvia Bossingham, Medford

Vote for Marks

If you are confused about who to elect to the 549c School Board, let me suggest a vote for Joel Marks. I have known Joel for almost eight years and can highly recommend him for the school board. He is very civic minded and has volunteered in several capacities over the years, his only aim being to make his community a better place for all of us to live.

He has had a keen interest in the schools and the problems that they face. He is anxious to roll up his sleeves and get to work in helping to solve those problems. Please place an X in the box for Mr. Joel Marks come election day. ' Jim Key, Medford