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Article missed the point

The report in the April 13 paper on the Ashland Peace March saddened me. Unfortunately, the flag-burning incident, in the eyes of your reporter, obliterated the truly newsworthy content of the meeting.

I should have liked to have read about the speeches that:

Informed of the possible medical problems arising from use of depleted uranium in warheads.

Pleaded with our government to be truthful and to adhere to international law.

Encouraged discussion with others as a way to heal some of the pain.

Suggested actions that would direct feelings of helplessness into positive areas.

Called upon each of us to educate ourselves (information/sources were made available).

The article published in Sunday's paper told only part of the story and, therefore, only part of the truth. Does this not amount to misinformation? Does it not inflame and distort?

Your paper is a major source of information in this valley. You, editors, reporters and staff, have a huge responsibility. Please don't disappoint us. Don't sacrifice truth to sensationalism.

These are troubling times. You, through your reporting, have the opportunity to build community and foster understanding. ' Gayle Vincent, Ashland

Lone Pine says thanks

On behalf of Lone Pine Elementary School's fourth-grade class, I would like to extend our appreciation to all who helped make our Heritage Day a success.

It would not have occurred without the phenomenal talents of Mrs. Kasey Blanchard. Kasey's children have moved on to secondary schools, but she so believes in Lone Pine and what we do, she still lends a hand.

We also are grateful for the culinary expertise of Mr. Jim Zundel and ZBest Company. Jim pulled his mobile catering unit right onto the playground and fed our entire fourth grade and their parents a fabulous pancake breakfast. He donated all the food as well as his employees' labor.

In this time of budget cuts, it is comforting to have parents like Kasey and Jim, as well as the other parents at Lone Pine, who support education at any cost! Thank you! ' Rich Miles, principal, Medford

Vote for Thivierge

Ellie Thivierge's decision to run for election to the Ashland School Board is based on her passion for maintaining the high quality of our district's programs and teaching staffs.

She recognizes the threats to the district that are posed by our state's severe funding crisis. As a former Ashland Middle School site council member, School Board Closure Committee member and experienced health-care services manager during periods of declining funding, Ellie is particularly well-suited for board membership at this critical time.

For the tireless work ethic, leadership and compassion she will bring to the job, vote for Ellie Thivierge for Ashland School Board. ' Matthew McKinnon, Ashland

Our loss, their gain

Visionary is an overused word today but never underrated. On behalf of the staff and all the volunteers we want to thank Jon Mitchell for his extraordinary commitment, engagement and concern about our community.

Jon is leaving the area and we know that OMPRO is getting a true visionary president and CEO. Jon is unique in his ability to have perspective, see the future and deal with the realities of caring for those most vulnerable in our community. Our loss is Portland's gain. ' Dee Ann Everson, Medford, United Way of Jackson County