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They can always find money

Good news lately. The Legislature just found &

36;10 million more for community colleges. A legislator can always find money better than an educator. That's why I didn't vote for those community college bonds.

The temporary state prisons boss is even smarter. He's turning the cons loose early! He says, By the way, it saves you a bunch of money. Will he turn all the murderers and rapists loose and save us more? ' Joe Ward, Shady Cove

Leave our country

Inasmuch as everyone has the right to express their opinion, I'm jumping into the forum.

My opinion is, if a citizen of the United States of America has so little respect for our revered flag that they can publicly burn it, they have no right to be able to reside in our country.

They should be stripped of their citizenship and given a one-way ticket to Syria, where they can live under their dictatorship. Let them live without freedom and the free handouts on which they depend.

— We don't want nor need that kind of person in our country, since they choose to behave like scum.

To all flag burners, please leave our country now. ' Evelyn Smith, Central Point

It's not speech

What is this? Burning the flag is freedom of speech? Webster's Dictionary says: Speech: Power of speaking, utterances, talk before an audience, language. This means words out of one's mouth. It means you can say, with words out of your mouth, things against the flag that you don't like or believe in the flag, but burning the flag is an action, not words. It is not speech.

The only reason for burning the flag is to put down someone else's belief. This is not speech, which is words out of one's mouth. ' Diane P. Meeds, Jacksonville

Marks offers leadership

As a retired high school social studies teacher in a district that required four years of social studies for graduation (Palo Alto Unified School District), I am impressed by Joel Marks' campaign promise to work to expand U.S. history instruction in the Medford School District. I am hopeful he will also press for students receiving even greater exposure to government and world history, including Eastern civilization, and Africa.

I like his focus and respect his desire to continue to improve the educational offerings, in the midst of constant cutbacks. I anticipate his leadership on the Medford School Board will be the kind that can help convince many of the more conservative members of the state Legislature that the needs are real and there is no quick fix.

It's time for the state to provide adequate, stable funding for education. I believe Joel Marks' persuasive voice will help make that happen. ' Ron Anderson, Medford

Look up plutocracy

If you are a working person, a small-business owner or a retired person of limited wealth, you really ought to be aware of what is happening to you in Washington. The proposed tax cuts do great things for the top — percent and very little for the rest of us.

We're told this is designed to get money to the rich investors and corporations to create jobs. Considering our over-capacity, that doesn't make sense. The CEOs take millions, our 401(k) suffers, and the administration has a net loss in job creation. And, to add insult, many avoid U.S. taxes by establishing addresses in Bermuda!

This whole process is benefiting the wealthy, cutting programs and leaving the states holding the bag. The politicians ask us to support the troops and then cut benefits to veterans. Is this patriotic? Meanwhile, corporate welfare goes on. How about Bechtel's behind-closed-doors &

36;680 million contract to rebuild Iraq?

There is a name for this system (other than class warfare). It's called plutocracy. Please check your dictionary and see if this is where we are heading. Then you may consider letting our friends in Washington know what you think. ' David E. Asche, Medford

Nelson for RVTD

I urge all voters who are in the Rogue Valley Transportation District to vote for Gary Nelson for position No. 2 on the board of directors.

He has been in bus transportation for over 40 years with the last 21 driving and as a supervisor for RVTD. During this time, he has gained the respect of the passengers as well as other employees of the district.

He has leadership qualities. He is not afraid to stand up for the rights of the district and will promote a better transportation system as funds will allow.

Again, I urge all to support Gary in his endeavor to promote a reliable transit system. ' Arlene Warrender, Medford