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Whose oil is it'

If Iraqi oil belongs to the Iraqi people, why does American oil belong to Texaco, Mobil, Gulf and Shell? ' Mike Curtis, Shady Cove

Vote for Skillman, Chapman

Deficit spending, mismanagement, unwarranted and outrageous attorney fees, under-the-table appointments showing favoritism, special interest groups, lack of professionalism, no rules of order, total disregard for the taxpaying citizen. Need I say more?

Tell Eva Avery and her gang No more. Vote for Connie Skillman and Ed Chapman for RVTD board positions and get what we the taxpayers deserve. Proper representation ! ' Linda Augustin, Jacksonville

Flagburning disgraceful

This letter is for all those people who think burning the American flag is all right. I think it's disgraceful and I am ashamed of those people.

Our flag stands for our country and the many men and women who have died fighting for our freedom. If those people don't wish to be Americans, maybe they should move to another country where our American flag does not wave for freedom.

— I am also against war but I support our country, the president and all our troops. There are other ways to protest the war and it's not by burning the American flag.

By the way, my son is in the Navy and on a ship somewhere in the Persian Gulf. God bless American and our flag. ' Patti Metz, Medford

Cap cuts Medicare

Most senior citizens aren't aware that Congress has placed an annual &

36;1,500 cap on Medicare's coverage for outpatient physical and speech therapy services. Any charges over &

36;1,500 that a patient incurs within a calendar year in the course of recovering from, say, surgery or a fall, will have to come out of the patient's pocket.

The cap is set to take effect on July 1, 2003. It will affect the millions of Medicare recipients already receiving rehabilitation and those who will need it this coming year.

As a practicing physical therapist, I know that rehabilitation often requires more care than the &

36;1,500 cap allows for. Cutting rehab short frequently leads to greater and more expensive complications down the road.

I urge anyone who is a senior citizen or who has loved ones who are Medicare beneficiaries to contact his or her elected representatives and urge them to take action to remove this arbitrary limit and keep their promise to assure that seniors get the rehabilitation care they need. ' Bryan A. Kirkpatrick, MS, PT, Eagle Point

Editorial commended

I'm writing to commend you for the excellent editorial on free speech in Sunday's paper (April 20). It touched on all aspects of the crucial issue of protecting First Amendment rights, even if we don't agree with the content.

I remember coming to this realization years ago when right-to-life advocates were blocking doorways of health clinics where abortions were being performed. As strongly as I believe in a woman's personal choice, I had to respect these people who were as willing to commit civil disobedience for what they believed as

I was whenI joined the War Resister's League in 1967 to block the doorways of the Oakland Induction Center. The odd thing is, both groups are opposed to killing!

And I am thankful that we will no longer need to burn a flag in order to prove that we have a right to do it. ' Dot Fisher-Smith, Ashland

Thanks for support

On Thursday, April 10, and Friday, April 11, the Oregon Lions Mobile Screening Unit was at the Rogue Valley Mall.

The unit screens for sight, hearing, and blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes problems and this is a free service of the Oregon Lions.

Many persons were screened and early detection of health problems were detected allowing for early treatment or prevention of severe problems. The Medford Crater Lions would like to thank the following persons who donated their time for these screenings: Tesha Lopez, of the Rogue Valley Mall; Holly McHugh, Erica Merrill and Ramona Filardi of the Medical Eye Center; and EMTs Rob Wright and Jason John of the Medford Fire Department.

Also, a special thanks to the Medford Lions who donated many hours to this project. ' Shirley Ann Brown, Medford Crater Lions