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Letters to the editor

No more state union jobs

Overspending caused Oregon's budget crisis. Any individual or government living on a budget needs to eliminate all luxury items and live frugally.

Union employees cost the taxpayers 30 to 80 percent more than non-union workers. The overpayment union workers receive is a waste of taxpayers' money given to persons who clearly do not deserve it. Non-union employment at all levels of government is the only way out of this mess. ' James P. Snyder, Medford

Reading required

For you that support Bush and Co., I challenge you to find out about cluster bombs, depleted uranium, neoconservatives, Halliburton, protection of the oil ministries, Afghanistan, WMD, the economy, education and the environment. This will require reading; it won't be on Fox.

If you resent my exercising freedom of speech, I might suggest you would be happier living in a country where opinions can't be voiced. As for me, I want my country back! ' Pete Herzog, Trail

CCC looks like a bargain

Does anyone really believe that the Bush tax cut is meant to create jobs? If one divides the tax cut by the number of prospective jobs the result is &

36;519,000 per job.

— I suppose that if enough goods and services are required by the affluent tax-break recipients, employers may hire enough minimum-wage employees to provide those goods and services. Hmmm, at &

36;519,000 per job, Roosevelt's CCC starts to look like a real bargain. ' Doyle Powell, Medford

Doonesbury irrelevant

Doonesbury writer Garry Trudeau again reveals his irrelevance by suggesting an intelligent man like George Bush should put any stock in an uproven theory (funny pages Easter Sunday)

Now that is comical! Maybe Mr. Trudeau will next entertain us with the evolutionary core tenet of the Easter Bunny. ' Tracy Van Hee, Eagle Point

Feels like a joke

Will someone help me out here? Our state has become the brunt of many jokes around the nation as we cut jobs from all the social agencies, our public safety and schools. Yet our legislators are using their very limited time to consider using tax dollars to build a baseball stadium in Portland. Who will that help?

How will adding 3,000 construction jobs in Portland at an average salary of &

36;29,000 during the duration of the construction make up for the thousands of jobs lost as librarians are cut in Klamath Falls, or police are cut in Ontario, or correction officers are cut in Salem or custodians, teacher's aides, music teachers, vocational instructors, counselors, administrators and teachers are cut in every district in the state?

How will adding a team of baseball players whose median salary according to USA Today is &

36;333,500 help make up for the loss of the social worker whose salary is &

36;47,000, or the correction officer whose salary is &

36;37,000 or the police officer whose salary is &

36;50,000 or teacher whose salary is &


Please, someone! Help me understand, because right now it just feels like the basis of another joke. ' Leeanne R. Wallace, Medford

Vote for Nicholson

Larry Nicholson is currently chairman of Citizens for 549c Schools and was co-chairman of last November's school bond, the Make Room for Kids Campaign.

A native of Southern Oregon, Larry has been a Medford resident for 10 years. His two children attend elementary school in Medford. For the past three years, he has been Cubmaster of Pack 16. He knows first-hand the challenges facing our educators.

Larry would like to renew the vision of the Medford School District. Now is the time to prioritize our current resources and look for different ways to seek additional school funding.

Larry admits he doesn't have all the answers to the education challenges, but he knows how to work with people and find solutions to common problems. ' Gary Leaming, Medford