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Letters to the editor

Let's make a deal

I'm making an offer to Diane Meeds of Jacksonville who opined in the April 29 Mail Tribune that burning a flag is not free speech. It is an action.

Since the Supreme Court of the United States has decided that burning a flag and that corporate campaign contributions are both free speech, we civil libertarian scum will give up burning flags if your guys will give up corporate contributions to politicians. Deal? ' Terry Doyle, Ashland

Sounds like sour grapes

Rob Patridge's proposed constitutional amendment regarding appointment of judges sounds like a bushel of sour grapes (Mail Tribune April 30).

Rob needs to stop obsessing about his failure to get the judgeship appointment and do his legislative job. The Legislature has more important things to do. Rob and his colleagues should be addressing the state's fiscal crisis, not catering to bruised egos. ' Edgar Hee, Medford

Talent needs crosswalk stings

The crosswalk stings in Medford were a good idea; now it's time for Talent police to do the same. My kids and I walk through downtown Talent every morning for exercise and it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who will see you standing in the crosswalk waiting to cross and completely ignore you, even in school zones. You're supposed to stop! ' Noni McCrillis, Talent

A valuable resource

The people of Oregon have a valuable resource that is often taken for granted: a group of hard-working, poorly paid but dedicated people known as service station attendants. These folks provide a valuable service that involves our comfort and safety. In spite of low wages, they pay taxes and contribute to the economy.

Conversely, the people of California have the resource available to them but they prefer to pump their own gas, pay a higher price for it, and pay taxes to support this labor source with their taxes. This is called welfare.

Some of our brain-dead politicians in Salem, along with station owners, are putting out the propaganda that self-serve will give us cheaper gas. This is pure bull feces, and the simple truth is, self-service will put more profit into the pockets of station owners if they don't have to pay wages. This is known as corporate greed, something we've seen too much of these last few years.

For 15 years I've had to make numerous trips to Southern California and I have never found cheaper gas at any of these self-service stations than what I paid for it in Oregon before I left the state. ' John H. Smith, Phoenix

Schools are in crisis

Oregon' schools are in a nationally recognized crisis. Oregon class sizes are amoung the highest in the nation. (Ranked fourth highest in 2002 and believed to be higher today.) More than half of Oregon' school districts are seeking calendar cuts this school year.

So far, Oregon' students have lost almost 10 million hours in instruction time. Good schools are the economic engine that will move Oregon out of recession.

Legislators must show leadership, and act now to eliminate unnecessary tax breaks. This will recover revenue to restore education funding to 2001 levels, plus inflation and enrollment growth. Then the legislators should seek new revenue to secure a long-term, adequate and stable funding system for our schools, our future and our Oregon. ' Jim Bond, Gold Hill

Support Nicholson

Larry Nicholson is an outstanding candidate for the Medford School Board. His commitment to our community and children is demonstrated by his volunteer efforts tutoring students in the classroom at Abraham Lincoln Elementary and leading Cub Scout Pack 16 for the last several years.

Larry is also a businessman with a sound understanding of the financial aspects of managing a business. He is honest, reasonable and calm, and as a school board member, would be valuable in helping guide our school district administration as they work to resolve the significant financial and facility challenges we currently face.

As a parent of two young boys and a respected member of the business community, Larry will work hard to bring positive changes to our schools. Please give him your support on May 20. ' Carol Flinn, Medford

Fill the bucket

This is in reference to Tuesday's article about Bruce Wassom's return to the boating business. I read the article not too long ago about the sudden halt to business operations at JetCraft Boats. This birth of Rogue Jet Boatworks only shows the strength and determination of this community, and that just because you may have a huge company with huge interests doesn't mean you can buy someone out and essentially move the business out of the country, much less the state.

This bit of news, along with the arrival of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, and plans in the near future for a Wal-Mart in the heart of the Southgate Shopping Center are only three drops in the bucket, but they are three drops in the right direction. Kudos to Wassom, and all the other entrepreneurs of the Rogue Valley. Now, let's fill this bucket. ' Jesse Riley, Medford

Thanks for 'Our Valley'

Wow! Thanks for Our Valley 2003 ' The Way We Are. I am really impressed and appreciative of all the time and effort involved in such a project.

I also want to thank you for such balanced coverage of the news. Keep up the good work. It is easy for people to let themselves become enraged and even dangerous in these times. You're probably helping some people to maintain a rational perspective. Knock on wood! ' Kathy L. Wilkinson, Medford