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Violence doesn't bring peace

Innocent Iraqis, including children, are now being murdered for protesting the United States' occupation of their country. How chillingly similar to life under Saddam Hussein. Please America, wake up to the hypocrisy of this administration.

We are not liberators. We have brought chaos and violence to the people of Iraq. It is our responsibility as Americans to insist that our government live humanely with the other people of this world. Violence does not bring peace. ' Debra Koutnik, Ashland

What is history?

A narrative or record of events of the past recorded in writing or by preservation, and displaying of items as in a museum.

What a dull world it would be to have no record or knowledge of what took place before our time. Fortunately our ancestors visualized this need by saving artifacts and writing of events now in the past.

More fortunate for us, dedicated people throughout the country were motivated and had the foresight to establish historical societies and museums where these items and knowledge could be stored and displayed for all generations to see and study. This is mostly by volunteers or dedicated donors.

Now a shortsighted few, mistakenly of the belief they speak for all, through the juggling of tax money, have decided that all the funds be allocated to what they believe are more worthwhile causes.

Don't let them cast aside history, lest they become history themselves. ' Ted Wharton, board member, Gold Hill.

Students are the future

My name is Zachary P. Taylor. I am a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 777 in Central Point. I am writing to you because of my concern about the Medford School District budget cuts and how it affects my school year.

I believe it affects my entire school year and years to come because it limits the time I have in the classroom to complete my work. I have to crunch more work into less time. I need help from the teachers and will not be in the classroom to receive the help I need.

Why don't we have enough taxes to pay for a full school year? Can salaries be cut for the top administrators or other high-paying positions in the school district? I don't believe the teachers' salaries should be cut. All my teachers put in a lot of time and extra effort to help kids like me and deserve all their pay. I have very good teachers.

So what is the answer? I would like to hear from other Mail Tribune readers about a possible solution to this serious problem. All the students in the Medford School District are affected. ' Zachary P. Taylor, Medford

Writer was defending symbol

In response to Mr. Clark's letter published on April 24: Mr. Hinkes is proud to be an American and is defending our symbol of freedom.

Burning the American flag is unconstitutional! It doesn't matter if the flags that were being burned were small; an American flag is an American flag no matter the size.

The Mail Tribune was not printing a letter that promotes violence, they were printing a letter supporting America. If you aren't proud enough to defend your flag; don't harass those who are. ' Justin Hoffman, Eagle Point

Eve Nye opened eyes

Thank you for your Eve Nye story in March. Eve Nye opened my eyes to the startling fact that 100 can be 100 years young. Eve's smile and sense of humor were delightful. I loved to make her laugh because she became about 25 years old in a smiling second.

Many people have recently shared with me their own Eve Nye stories, spilling the beans about all the fine and generous good deeds she did behind the scenes. At 100 years of age, Eve was still investing in our community and loved it.

I miss you, Eve. Thank you for being my friend and sharing your life stories with me. Thank you for all the wonderful generous gifts you gave our valley.

All of us who love and use the Bear Creek Greenway will benefit from your help in making the connected Greenway a reality. There will be a very special spot on the Greenway to honor both you and Steve to remind future generations and us of your generosity. ' Joy Olson, Medford

Tell me again

Recently, our administration announced that the oil field in southern Iraq was up and running. Baghdad has no water, no electricity, no sewage treatment, no sanitation. The hospitals have no medicine.

Please tell me again, with a straight face, that this is not about oil. The same day, we, the United States, told Iran and Syria not to meddle in the internal affairs of Iraq. By God, we will put who we want in charge. ' Andrew N. Smith, Ashland

Old Stage Road neglected

I commend you on your beautiful publication, The Way We Are. However, you overlooked a very important feature of the Rogue Valley: Old Stage Road. It has been designated a county historical road. Generally, it follows the original trail from Jacksonville to Gold Hill. Views of the valley and surrounding mountains are remarkable. Old Stage Road deserves a feature article on its own merits. ' Ann Dombras, Central Point