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Letters to the editor

Discriminating practice

Oregon's unemployment rate is the highest in the nation, yet employers are basing an individual's ability to work on credit ratings.

Credit in no way defines an individual's ability to perform his or her job. This practice is creating a new class of unemployable persons. People are willing to work but cannot find employment due to bad credit.

How can any company proclaim itself an Equal Opportunity Employer, yet engage in this discriminating practice? ' Gary Pence, Medford

Forced beliefs are tyranny

When reading the flag burning letters to the editor, I just shake my head. I know I shouldn't be reading them, but I'm drawn to them like watching the aftermath of a disaster. Every time I see someone defending the flag from burning, or America from the evil that flies from the smoldering remains, I want to vomit. It's an affront to the nation! Only a coward would burn the flag. Burning a flag means you don't care about the United States and should move somewhere else!

One must wonder if people don't realize that a flag is a piece of fabric that represents different things to everyone. Someone burning their flag has no bearing on the values anyone else associates with it.

— By writing in and suggesting that flag burners should be stripped of their citizenship, arrested or censored, people are going against the freedoms of expression outlined in the Constitution (not in expressing their views, but in their suggested courses of action), the actual document that defines what it is to live in the U.S.

Censorship and hatred are far worse than torching a symbol to express views, and forcing anyone to believe as another does is tyranny. ' Jon Anderson, White City

Understanding flag burners

Forget the reasons behind the Declaration of Independence being written. Forget that the principles, moral values and freedom the Constitution guarantees and that the flag represents are being usurped and/or surrendered to evil authorities. Forget the atrocities committed against people on a daily basis by the local and federal evil authorities.

What is most important is the symbol. That symbol must be protected at all costs, even if the costs include the people's freedom to protest against evil authorities. It is said that those who burn the flag in protest are traitors and should be severely punished or forced to leave the country.

Forget that U.S. Code Title 36, Chapter 10, paragraph 176(k) states:

The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display. should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

Considering that those things the U.S. flag represents no longer exist in this nation, it is therefore no longer a fitting symbol for display. The only dignified way to destroy that flag is by burning.

Would I burn a flag in protest? No! Do I understand the reasons protesters are doing so? Yes! ' Randall Hale, Medford

Don't elect Skillman, Chapman

When you get ready to cast your vote for the RVTD board, please think about if you want someone that was trying to collect signatures for the recall the second time knowing that it would cost the district over &

36;40,000 to have the election.

Where would the money come from? My guess would be service.

I think Mr. Chapman has served long enough. Let someone else have a chance to be part of a transit-friendly community.

In listening to him at the board meetings he seems to only want to bully people.

Mr. Chapman and Mrs. Skillman didn't seem to worry what it would do to service if the district had to pay for an election.

Don't you think this might be an example of what they might do in the future? ' Dorothy Keffer, Medford