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Realm of speculation

Mike Curtis' April 30 short letter, Whose oil is it opens up a whole realm of speculation. Is it no wonder that our administration wants full control of the restructuring of Iraq?

They want to put in leaders who will do their bidding, people they can buy off with a few bucks who will be close-mouthed about where the oil goes. That way the big oil companies can get oil cheaply and certain persons in our government can make some extra pocket money.

I have a proposal that would be of real benefit to both Iraqi and U.S. citizens: Make sure Iraqi oil profits are used solely to pay off the cost of the war and to rebuild the country. Why should Americans have to pay those bills when the oil profits can do that?

Of course, this will require some other institution than our government to run the operation. After those bills are paid, the Iraqi people will then have the right to take over the oil fields so they can run their country on a sound economic basis. If that is a naive idea I would like to know why. 'Sheldon James, Ashland

What's fraud between friends?

There is no doubt that George Bush is a leader (coached by Karl Rove). The question is whether he is leading us in the direction we want our country to go.

— He was praised by the world for pledging &

36;12 million to help eradicate AIDS in the African countries. That amount has already been cut by half.

Now the IRS is planning to spend up to &

36;2 million to audit returns of people who receive the Earned Income Credit.

Fine. I'm for going after cheaters. But why are we only going after cheaters at the lower end of the economic scale?

How about auditing some of those heads of corporations whose pictures we saw last summer in your paper being taken off to jail in handcuffs? How about the corporations who use fraudulent accounting to avoid paying any income tax at all?

Could it be because it's the big corporations who donate so much to the Bush election campaign? What's a little fraud between friends? ' Marjorie B. Hunsicker, Medford

No thought required

It's called agitprop. A combination of agitation and propaganda coined by Lenin's old Soviet Communist Party.

It arouses people through selective use of truth and lies. Politically, if you say something often enough and loudly enough people will tend to believe it.

Frequent use of buzz words and phrases such as trickle-down tax cut, job creation, weapons of mass destruction and chemical and biological weapons make the task of covering up your real purpose much easier.

The end result, however, will expose these exercises for what they are: agitprop.

Years ago we fought to make the world safe for democracy. Now we are ready to force our version of democracy on people who have no concept of it.

It entails, or should entail, thinking with your own head. We don't. We would rather let someone else do our thinking for us.

Much of the world's population would rather have their theocracy, autocracy or whatever. This, too, is a result of agitprop. It doesn't require thinking. ' D.W. Kitchens, Medford

Don't go to Ashland

In two months, Ashland will have all those American flags (they have allowed to be burned) adoring their city. How hypocritical!

Now is the time for those who participate in their parade to stand-up and be counted. Look to Central Point and Eagle Point parades to display your patriotism. They all have family activities and fireworks at night, and don't forget Miles Field in Medford!

Concerts and fireworks were great last year. It is time to show Ashland that they don't represent the whole Rogue Valley's feelings about the war and our military. ' Rick Wise, Medford

Cut waste first

I can't believe the arrogance the Mail Tribune is showing in their editorial in Friday's April 25 edition. They say to the legislators, It's your job to enact taxes on we the people regardless of what we the people want.

They say to the legislators, we elected you because you should know better. That's strange, I always thought we elected them to represent we the people.

Talk about arrogance, who is really being the arrogant party here? If the Mail Tribune ran their paper with all the waste there is in the state government then there wouldn't be a paper. Wake up, we the people want the waste cut out, then we will talk about taxes! ' Rick Schefers, Shady Cove