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Is Glaser embarrassed'

John Glaser, who is running for a position on the Medford school board, is a member of Medford School Watch. For whatever reason, Mr. Glaser neglected to include this information in his Voters' Pamphlet statement.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a member of this negative watchdog group. But why has Mr. Glaser failed to acknowledge his participation and support of this notorious group's activities? Is he embarrassed about his association with the School Watch? Perhaps Mr. Glaser suffers the same vague paranoia expressed by the former chairwoman of the School Watch. More likely, he knows that his election chances are improved by distancing himself from the negative image of this rag-tag organization.

If you support the divisive rhetoric of the School Watch, vote for Glaser. Alternatively, you could vote for Peggy Penland, an experienced, caring positive voice for education. ' Jeff McCollum, Medford

I'll be voting for Penland

The No. 5 position has some vast differences between the two contenders. Peggy Penland has such overwhelming experience for this position the decision should be a no brainer.

Let's compare: presently nine years on this board, the only governor-appointed member on the Quality Education Committee from 2001, also on the Oregon School Board Association.

— Not enough? Read the many other things she has done and is still doing to support our children in this valley: SODA board (past president), Winema Girl Scout leader, Medford School District volunteer since 1989.

Peggy has lived here for 30 years, has held these and other public volunteer positions for over 14 years.

Her opponent! Any experience? None.

His philosophy? The new superintendent should be met by a new school board. While all these new people are getting to know each other, who will be running the affairs of the district? I'll be voting for Peggy Penland. ' Terry Dulong, Medford

Marks has the experience

We have come to know Joel Marks as a gracious, hard-working neighbor with strongly held values. But does a good neighbor mean a good school board member? We met repeatedly with Joel and asked him direct questions about his motivation, his abilities, his vision for the school district.

It is our considered opinion that Joel has the budget analysis and school curriculum development experience the Medford School District sorely needs. Joel is straightforward about the priority for children to receive sound fundamentals, but he's also passionate about support of arts and music. Joel has worked within governmental groups in his prior experience in Washington state as a school board member and city councilman.

We're convinced we need Joel's experience and commitment to excellence. We support newcomers Joel Marks and Robin Stroh, with their separate, unique perspectives, and incumbents Moran and Penland. Pleased join us in endorsing an open, balanced school board. ' Ed and Lynn Roussell, Medford

Wright would put kids first

I am writing on behalf of Cynthia Wright, a candidate for Position 7 on the Medford 549c school board. I am myself a teacher, and I can say with confidence that Cynthia would bring a sharp mind and a willing and eager commitment to her role as a member of the Medford school board.

Like Cynthia, I have children in the Medford school system, and like all Jackson County parents, I am concerned about the future of our district in the face of unrelenting budget cuts. What I know of Cynthia gives me confidence that she will firmly resist political posturing or the pressures of special interest groups and instead put the welfare of our children first. Cynthia is a dedicated, sincere person and a masterful consensus builder, so I hope you will join me in voting for the best candidate for this position. ' Verne Underwood, Medford