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Reflected in the mirror

At a minimum, those yet-to-be-found WMDs Bushco lied about are not usable. Bush promises to hunt down those 15 Saudis responsible for this week's attack on Riyadh. He's produced neither Osama nor Saddam and he won't catch the leaders of these guys either, while their minions continue to seek and destroy innocent people.

See, if he actually caught the bad guys, he'd have to face our nation's real problem, reflected in his bathroom mirror. ' Michael A. Hawk, Williams

Publicize animal abuse

Hi, we are Tabitha and Cassie. We attend Armadillo Technical Institute in Phoenix, and we are doing a project on animal rights. We had no idea how badly animals are sometimes treated until we started our project. We found pictures and stories that were very disturbing.

For example, in an Oregon zoo, an elephant was abused. A six year-old Asian elephant had physical scars because on April 17, 2000, she was inflicted with 176 puncture wounds.

We found pictures of dogs who starved to death, horses which were starved, animals that were being tortured and cut up alive or dead. We were very upset that so many people would stoop to that low level. We are hoping you could put more animal cruelty stories in the Mail Tribune so more people can see what is going on .

— We like the article with the headline, Harper woman pleads to neglect charges. This was very striking. We also think it's disturbing. No one should ever treat an animal like that. If any reader ever sees a case of animal abuse, contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter at 774-6655. Oregon has laws to protect its animals. ' Tabitha Shamblin and Cassie Robins, Phoenix

Not alone in disliking Ivins

It is somewhat reassuring to me that I am not alone in my distaste for Molly Ivins.

My favorite category with her in mind is Literary Witch. She is vindictive, vehement and vacuous. She prattles on only one theme: wealth.

She hates it, probably because she has to work for it by pandering her distaste for it in the paper she works for and those like yours who aid and abet her views by paying for her ramblings.

It is amazing that so many syndicated women columnists have the same topic of wealth. Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe and Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle also fit the Literary Witch category. Some time ago Debra Saunders had a cow over Indian casinos in California. Ellen Goodman thinks American taxpayers should pay for abortions in Africa.

The color yellow is sometimes applied to journalism! ' James Robinson, Grants Pass

Peace follows victory

As a retired veteran of Vietnam and the Persian Gulf wars, I read many of the letters in this section with incredulity. Some writers seem to think that we, supporters of actions of violence and force, want war.

Nobody wants war, especially the warrior. We have seen that the longer passive efforts go on, the stronger our enemies become. They are given the time to build arms and armies. Peace is not a product of pacifism. Our peaceful moments in history follow victory. ' Dennis DelliGatti, Medford

Vote for a fresh start

The Eagle Point School Board has dealt with many issues while struggling to become united as a board. I regularly attend meetings and contact them personally. I am amazed at times how uninformed our school board can be.

We desperately lack, in some members, leadership and communication skills. We need members who will follow school board policies.

Our school district needs a fresh start. I would like to encourage you to help our school board become a united and functional body, and vote for Rhonda Graham and Dave Wilson.

School board members have a responsibility to communicate and respond to the public. They should always be prepared and educated on all issues that are brought before them. These two parents have all the qualities that we need to unite our school board. Vote for a fresh start for our district. Vote Graham and Wilson for a change for our kids. ' Jeri Marlia, Eagle Point

Thanks for support

On Friday night, April 25, South Medford High School hosted the fourth annual Bob Newland Track and Field Meet at Spiegelberg Stadium. This year we had over 300 freshman and sophomores compete in the meet.

We would like to first recognize and thank our two major sponsors, The Medford Mail Tribune and Providence Health Systems for their continued financial support. We would like to thank the Medford Rotarians for their continued effort to supply volunteers, and Williams Bakery for their donation of buns for our barbecue dinner. Finally we would like to thank all of the staff members of South Medford High School who volunteered their time to help as officials.

With the continued support of the Medford community, we hope to continue this opportunity for our local youth. Here's looking toward the fifth annual Newland Classic. ' Tim Rupp and Bill Rowan, Medford