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Election letters

Chapman, Ely and Skillman

In this time of fiscal uncertainty, we need public officials with integrity and with the experience, ability and willingness to do the job.

There are three candidates for the RVTD board who have those qualities: Ed Chapman, Sharon Ely and Connie Skillman. Please help bring professionalism and a sense of direction to the RVTD board by supporting them in the May 20 election. ' State Rep. Alan Bates, Ashland

Supporting Wright

We are supporting Cynthia Wright for Medford School Board position 7. Cynthia is a dedicated parent and school volunteer. She has served on the site councils at Oak Grove Elementary, McLoughlin Middle School and South Medford High School, on the superintendent search committee and as a volunteer in many capacities in 549c schools. Cynthia is continually ready to help, listens to everyone involved and makes informed decisions.

More importantly, in these times of budget deficits, Cynthia is in the unique position of having children in the elementary, middle and high schools. This enables her to bring to the board information from a broad perspective. She will be able to tell the board how budget decisions impact our children at all grade levels.

Please vote May 20 for integrity, experience, knowledge and a proven, hard-working volunteer. Vote for Cynthia Wright. ' Jim and Kathy Mueller, Medford

Vote for Parker

I was pleased to hear that Heidi Parker had agreed to run for a school board position. In the 10 years I have known Heidi, I have been impressed with her attention to and involvement in her children's educational experience. Her personal commitment has called her to Walker and Lincoln elementary schools, Ashland Middle School, Ashland High School and Willow Wind.

These days, when I think of Heidi, I am reminded of her sincere and strong support of my youth diversion work that includes the high school Peer Jury program. In addition, it is my personal opinion that she held a pivotal position on the committee that formed to consider changes to the Ashland School District's Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Heidi is kind, thoughtful and straightforward. Her primary concern is the welfare and well being of the youth of this community. Please join me in voting for Heidi Parker. ' Jan Janssen, Ashland

Penland is the right choice

Peggy Penland is a respected educational leader in southern Oregon and at state levels. She is about to become the president of the Oregon School Boards Association. Her track record is clear and her knowledge of problems facing public education in Oregon is impressive.

Mrs. Penland's opponent is a critic of the current school board. It is easy to be critical when all one has to do is sit outside the arena of responsibility and snipe at any particular decision, but as Disraeli once observed, How much easier it is to be critical then to be correct.

Seldom do the candidates for a school board position offer voters such a distinct difference in their backgrounds and qualifications. Peggy Penland is a problem solver, but her opponent's demeanor indicates to me he will create problems. The correct decision, in my opinion, for School Board position No. 5 is unquestionably Peggy Penland. ' L.C. Helms, Medford

Supporting Stroh

Robin Stroh would bring an important perspective to the Medford School Board. She is a businesswoman and an active civic and school volunteer.

As the personnel director at a local department store she has keen insight into how the schools are preparing young people: She has given the first job to literally hundreds of Medford's high school students. She has trained them, supervised them, and coached them in their first work experience, and done it with skill and compassion.

Robin Stroh has the support of many educators, but is not aligned with any interest group or school faction. She is exactly what our schools needs at this time of fiscal crisis: a concerned citizen with no agenda other than to use her intelligence and experience to serve her community. ' Peter Sage, Medford

Vote for Wright

I am supporting Cynthia Wright for position 7 on the Medford School Board. Dennis and I have known Cynthia for many years, and believe that she is an excellent problem solver who would apply common sense to the decision-making process.

She is the mother of public school students, and has served on local school site councils for the past seven years. Cynthia understands the problems facing our schools, and she will directly work with the community to solve them.

A vote for Cynthia Wright is a vote for local control of our schools. She will work with legislators, including Dennis, to seek adequate and stable funding for education. As a school board member, she will keep a close eye on how taxpayer dollars are being used at the administrative level, and subsequently help maximize the amount of dollars that actually reach the classroom.

Please vote for Cynthia Wright. ' Cathy Richardson, Central Point