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A delightful evening

Last Saturday, my husband and I spent a delightful evening watching My Fair Lady at North Medford High. Everyone on/ off stage gave a great performance including orchestra, costumers, set designers and the dedicated adults to guide them! These young people are our leaders of the future and I for one say I'm very proud of them. Way to go, Andy! ' Marilyn Henselman, Medford

Howard Dean for president

We, the People of the United States, are in despair. Our civil liberties eroding, our international reputation in ruin, a national budget out of control, the wealthy rewarded for poor stewardship, flagrant misuse of our military forces, a crumbling barrier between church and state, media monopoly manipulating the news for political gain, attacks on the environment, arms treaties broken; all combining to create seemingly endless attacks on our democracy.

But we are not helpless.

It is time to unite behind a leader who sees the problem, understands it and is unafraid to speak out before an onslaught of untruths, threats and unfulfilled promises. That leader is Howard Dean, a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination to run for President in the 2004 election. You won't learn about him through the biased news media, but his Web site makes his positions crystal clear. We CAN do something! Work to elect Howard Dean for President! ' Joe Suste, Medford

Nothing to lose

There was a picture on the front page of Sunday's paper a couple weeks ago that showed four people standing in front of a bulldozer that was trying to build a road. The article said this was the start of the protesting against harvesting timber from our forests.

— The article should have said this was the start of the bankruptcy of Oregon. Where are these people when our schools run out of money to operate, finance our police forces, and all the other programs that were paid for with the revenue brought in by this industry?

It's a shame that a few people can break the law, get away with it and destroy the livelihood of the whole state. Most of these protesters have no job or responsibilities, so what have they got to lose?' R. Ramey, Medford

Is Ivins naive?

I'm not sure whether Molly Ivins is strictly a Bush basher or just naive beyond belief. In the opinion column dated April 30 she left do doubt that she felt President Bush was misrepresenting things in relation to WMDs held by Saddam Hussein.

Is it possible that she believes Saddam could not have hidden his weapons in one or more secret underground locations? Given 10 years and an area as large as California, that would be easy to do.

If she believes that, I wonder if she believes there ever was a Saddam Hussein.

Most of us know he was there, but we haven't found him yet, either.

What do you say to that, Molly? ' Vic Mabry, Rogue River

Thanks for article

Thank you for the article in the Mail Tribune on Friday, May 2, about the rededication of the 1939 Old Stage Road Historical Marker by the DAR.

There were however, two errors in the article. We are the Daughters of the American Revolution not Daughters of the Revolution ( that is a current play in Ashland) and it is the Crater Lake Chapter not Crater Chapter. DAR chapters are named for historical places or people of the area.

About 70 people attended the rededication ceremony and celebration that followed, sponsored by the West Side Neighbors Association at the J. Herbert Stone Tree Nursery.

For more information about DAR, interested persons may call 773-3539 or 878-3055. ' Yvonne Earnest, Oregon state regent, Medford

Thanks for computer

I was just given a free computer by Jerry and Jodi Yap. My last computer made it a chore to do things I wanted to do and homework was just written out even when I was asked for it typed because it wasn't worth it.

This new computer they gave me is so fast and works so well, I love to use it. It's going to help with homework and personal work. Thank you for helping me. ' Ash McNamara, Ashland

Editor's note: Ash McNamara is a student in the Willow Wind homeschooling program. Students Jessie Haas, Marie Gasde-Beunett and Arianna Spellman also wrote letters of thanks.