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Biggest problem is greed

The 'toon in the news about the airline industry was an insult to decent human beings. Shame on you for printing it. The biggest problem in this country is greed and disregard for our fellow man! ' Mary Lewis, Medford

The fox is in charge

Over the last 35 years we have put the fox in charge of the chicken coop. Special interests have systematically destroyed our industrial base and public employee unionism and collective bargaining has placed an escalating financial burden on the taxpayer that has finally raised its ugly head (two examples are obscene executive wages and PERS).

If these two problems are not reeled in, Oregon will eventually collapse financially. ' Monte R. Stamper, Medford

Liberal humor

Is there a possibility of allowing liberals extended space and perhaps a full page in your letters section? I find their letters so entertaining and upbeat that I'll often read them again later in the day just to get a chuckle.

Some are so hilarious, maybe you could replace the cartoon section. ' Carl Miller, Jacksonville

Respect bicyclists

I am a registered nurse who was recruited to Oregon to help alleviate the nursing shortage. I bicycle to exercise and enjoy the beauty here, and I follow all road rules.

I would like to credit the driver and passengers in an old brown car for this letter. They decided to throw a drink at me as I rode my bike on Crater Lake Avenue. I am not angry, only sad that they must not realize what they could have done. As a nurse, I too often see the unfortunate results of such violence and disregard for others. Remember, no matter what your ideas are about what I chose to do, you do not have the right to assault or injure me.

For all of you who are respectful of bicycle riders, thank you. For all you bicyclists who do not follow road rules, realize you make it difficult for those of us who do.

And for each of you, courteous or not, I will treat you with professionalism and respect when you are my patient ' whether I agree with your lifestyle choices or not. Please afford me the same courtesy when I am riding. ' Toni L. Drummond, Medford

Stop the whining

Come on, folks, let's stop the whining and moaning about our governments' cutting back on social programs, like education and support for those less well off, that we have become accustomed to.

For as long as I can remember, the Republican Party has preached a doctrine of lower taxes and less government. Well, we the people, by a democratic vote, elected a government devoted to those ideals, and now we are faced with what we chose. If you are among those who do not much like the results, hold that thought until the next general election.

And in the meantime, remember Pogo's classic dictum, We have met the enemy, and it is us. ' Dick Straw, Trail

Children are left behind

Our state is going through a budget crisis. I'm amazed by the attitude of our representatives. Are they asleep at the wheel? Why do they behave like a bunch of lemmings happy to jump off the cliff? While we have serious budget issues they are occupied with cougar hunting and helmet laws. Why aren't they raising a ruckus to get our state some funding?

The present situation is just unacceptable ' schools weren't cut during the Depression, they weren't cut during WWII, why should they be cut now? A federal bailout could be a solution. I have written to my representatives and the few that bothered to reply smugly informed me that money was from a separate source. Hogwash! Those funds come from one source, the pockets of we who pay taxes!

Consider this, &

36;3 billion to Israel, &

36;38 billion to Homeland security, &

36;38 billion defense increase, and on and on. Why should our children suffer?

I don't know where it is that no children are left behind but it isn't Oregon. What kind of lesson does that give our children, that they aren't important? I encourage you all to write or call your representatives and tell them this is unacceptable. ' Pete Herzog, Trail