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Where's Osama'

Regarding the al-Qaida attack in Saudi Arabia killing Americans, I've got one question. Where's Osama bin Laden?

Given our military, it'd seem we'd catch a hobbled terrorist supposedly lurking in a cave. The capture or removal from power of al-Qaida's bin Laden, the real face of America's terror, would be a true victory in our war on terror.

This could provide some 9/11 closure, and help end the current phase of the war. ' Perry Casilio, Talent

Sales tax unfair

Am I missing something? In a democracy shouldn't everyone pay their fair share of government or should the rich pay a smaller percentage of their income than the poor?

Barbara Jordan, the first African American to serve in the Texas Senate (1967) and the first black woman elected to Congress from the South is quoted: Where is the equity, when the people who make the most pay the least and the people who make the least pay the most. A sales tax is the most unfair tax, other than taxing windows and not allowing the poor to see the sun. The people most adversely affected by such a tax would be the underprivileged and those on welfare rolls.

— Yes, Texas has a sales tax; those of low income pay a greater percentage of their income as a sales tax than the rich. I have heard all the reasons for a sales tax. Tourists will pay! Ask yourself why would they buy here in Oregon? When I go to a sales tax state, I buy only what I absolutely have to. I would rather pay my sales tax as income tax, not as a problematic tax the state has to pay someone to collect. ' Charles W. Gipe, Medford

Where was coverage?

I have waited for a week to see one single mention in our local newspaper about a tremendous event that happened last Sunday, May 4. This event was so spectacular, that all three local TV news stations reported on it, one of them even putting it on as the top story of the evening.

Did the Tribune not know about the Pride Ride, a joining together of over 400-plus motorcyclists and vehicles, riding in support of our Vets and the Flag? The trip started off at Veteran's Park next to the Armory and traveled down Highway 99 through Ashland and ended up at the VA Domiciliary for a barbecue and bike/car show.

This tremendous show of support for our local veterans was a feast for the eyes, flags flying from each bike and car, and greatly appreciated by the vets and all who were privileged to see it. Local merchants, bikers, car enthusiasts, and private citizens donated food for the BBQ held at the Dom, and hundreds of personal items needed by the local vets were also donated (such as hygiene items, socks, T-shirts, etc).

The bikers showed up in the hundreds; where was the coverage from the Mail Tribune? Is this not our local newspaper, covering local events? ' Colleen Godfrey, Gold Hill

Depleted uranium safe

A recent writer claimed that Peace House informed the public about depleted uranium. Did Peace House relate that medical surveillance of those most exposed during the Gulf War showed no adverse health effects related to DU? This study was reviewed by multiple U.S. and non-U.S. scientific organizations. All reviews were in agreement.

Did Peace House mention that depleted uranium is weakly radioactive and a radiation dose from it would be about 60 percent of that from purified natural uranium with the same mass. Peace House members have uranium in their skeleton, liver and kidneys. Also, DU is used as radiation shields in medical radiation therapy.

In 2001, NATO responded to opinions that depleted uranium ammunition used in Kosovo and Bosnia caused negative health effects among troops who had served in those areas and among local civilian populations. 49 countries and seven international organizations, including the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross, took part in the research. As of January 2003, the scientific and medical research shows no link between depleted uranium and the reported negative health effects.

How about a Fourth of July booth in Lithia Park selling crow and French vinegar? ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Meet-Up for Dean

A quiet political revolution is taking place around the country. The primary armament is the Internet. The primary ammunition is ' get this ' people meeting up with people.

Most presidential hopefuls are investing major resources to raise hard and soft special-interest funds for TV campaigns. The candidate in the White House spent our hard-earned tax dollars for TV coverage aboard an aircraft carrier at sea.

While politics as usual continues, another process is in motion. This process involves three simple steps. First, on the Internet go to ; read Dean's balanced viewpoints. Second, click on Meet-Up for Dean and sign up. Third, go to the next Meet-Up; always the first Wednesday in the month at 7 p.m.

The first Medford Dean Meet-Up was May 7. The group included teachers, health-care professionals, attorneys, business employees and retirees. All had a common cause: electing a president who will deal with our many national problems.

Nationally, over 24,000 people are in rapidly growing Dean Meet-Up groups. In 2004, candidates depending on TV mudslinging campaigns will find that thousands of ordinary Americans, Dean supporters, have taken back our election process. In November 2004 these ordinary Americans will take back our nation. ' Marcia Chaiken, Ashland