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March of Dimes says thanks

Recently, more than 250 residents from the Jackson County area participated in WalkAmerica. We'd like to thank them for being heroes for babies!

By joining March of Dimes WalkAmerica, these residents raised funds for research and programs to save babies born too soon. Here in Medford, that means a healthier start for the 170 babies born premature each year in this area.

WalkAmerica raised more than &

36;29,000 in Jackson County this year. In its 33-year history, this cherished national tradition has contributed more than &

36;1 billion nationally to support the March of Dimes lifesaving mission.

The March of Dimes appreciates the tremendous support of Medford-area residents, businesses and corporate sponsors, including our committee members, Lisa Stauffer, Louise Dix and Jennifer Turner. Also a big thank you to our site sponsor, US Cellular! Thank you all for joining us in the successful fight to save babies. ' Christine Hames, Community Director, Medford

Find out about Dean

Joe Suste wrote in support of Howard Dean. I write both to echo his comments and to provide additional information.

— Howard Dean served 11 years as governor of Vermont. He came to that position from a career as a practicing family physician.

His name isn't well known compared to the rest of the Democratic field, but it will be. His message is strong ' advocating a better America for this and future generations. Howard Dean is a voice of hope!

Look at his economic record. In Vermont, Dean left a sound economy when he left office in January and, unlike nearly every other state in the U.S., the current governor does not face a budget crisis.

Look at Dean's success with affordable health care coverage for the citizens of his state.

Look at Dean's awareness of the big picture ' how misguided policy can have lasting impact, something apparently unforeseen by the current administration.

Find out about Howard Dean! Visit his Web site, . C-SPAN's () Road to 2004 has his speeches and appearances available for download from their online video archive. Go to for the local Dean supporters group and come to the next meeting! ' John Doty, Medford

From a different planet

Rep. Greg Walden must indeed live on a different planet than the people he makes believe to represent. Bush cut off all aid to all veterans on Jan. 17 for outpatient treatment at any veteran facility unless they had a service-related disability.

So much for your rhetoric, Rep. Walden. Stop trying to convince us by words how you support us in Southern Oregon and do it by deeds.

Oregon (as are other states) is dying, our schools are closing, teachers are being laid off, health care for the elderly is being cut back and in some cases eliminated altogether. It would be great if all the veterans would get the same health care as you, and you don't even have to pay for it. ' Budd Gottlieb, Ashland

Letter almost correct

This morning (Saturday, May 17), as usual, I read the funnies, letters to the editor, the headlines, and did the crossword puzzle. There was an almost correct letter regarding our flag. The writer stated that worn flags should be burned. He's correct, but they are to be burned with reverence and decorum, not thrown in the street and set afire.

His other point: This nation was not built on waving the flag. I disagree. Any student of history knows the flag was always carried as a beacon to lead the way in battle. If it fell, someone always picked it up.

When retiring from a battle, the combatants always brought their colors. Leaving the field of battle without the colors was the epitome of shame and dishonor.

Flag waving is not a term ' it is a way of life. Perhaps this nation was not built on waving the flag, but that banner has been held in reverence by all who served under her, and it is disgraceful, at the very least, to see people show her less than the reverence and honor she so richly deserves (even if it is not illegal). ' Murray LaHue, Phoenix