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Ending stereotypes

Thank you to Nancy Bards and Beth Baker for your clarifications of the myths, stereotypes and assumptions about Women in Black (May 11).

This will hopefully help educate those in the Rogue Valley who just do not get it. Those who believe that we just spontaneously made this notion up, when in reality, this type of peaceful action has occurred for many years and on an international level. Those who believe that nonviolent action ends when the politicians and the media says the conflict in the Middle East is over, which I assure you is far from the truth. Also, to those who believe we are witches and should die a slow and painful death, as we have been told repeatedly.

Instead, why not embrace the humanitarian efforts, and the religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity WIB represents, for women of all ages. Much can be learned from this movement, rather than blindly stereotyping what one knows nothing of. ' A. Tibbot, Talent

American TV president

I think the next presidential election should be held on Fox. 24 million people voted. American President, you call, you decide! ' Steve M. Ryan, Medford

Thanks for food donations

I want to thank the community for its tremendous support of the National Letter Carriers' Food Drive on Mothers' Day weekend. Altogether, more than 62,000 pounds of food was raised countywide, enough food to provide 62,000 meals for hungry individuals and families in our community.

— In a time of economic uncertainty and cutbacks, this community again showed how generously they respond to a genuine need. Unfortunately, the need for emergency food boxes in Jackson County continues to increase, jumping up in the first three months from 6,300 in 2002 to over 7,600 in 2003. But thanks to the Letter Carriers' Food Drive, ACCESS Food Share will continue to meet this need throughout the summer.

Special thanks to all our local letter carriers and volunteers who helped to collect and sort the food, and to all of you who donated food. ' Philip Yates, Access nutrition programs manager, Medford

Thanks to Kodak

On behalf of the foster families of Jackson County, I would like to thank the Eastman Kodak Co. in White City for its generous donation of 50 &

36;20 gift cards for Cinemark. They were presented to Jackson County foster parents on May 13.

This gift will be a welcome time-out for our foster families, who do so much for the abused and neglected children of our county.

We really appreciate the contribution the folks at Eastman Kodak have made. They are an inspiration and an encouragement to all of us, that this community does care about its children and those who provide a safe, temporary home for them.

If anyone would like more information on helping or becoming a foster parent, you may contact Penny Esser or Pall Fisher at 776-6120, Ext. 264. ' Penny Esser, foster parent recruitment and retention specialist, Medford

What were they thinking?

In the budget proposal set forth by the Ways and Means Committee of the Oregon Legislature, all general fund support for the Oregon Disabilities Commission has been eliminated. Elimination of general fund support will effectively render the commission inoperative.

I believe that, as a state, we must fund programs and services essential to the health, safety, and welfare of Oregonians, persons with disabilities included.

People with disabilities number 26 percent or more of Oregon's population. They still lack economic, political, legal and social equity. It is vital for Oregon to have a commission that speaks for those citizens who are still most at risk for poverty and unemployment, and who often lack access to health care, affordable accessible housing, and transportation.

The Legislature created the Oregon Disabilities Commission in 1985 to advocate on behalf of Oregonians with disabilities. At that time they recognized the need for the Disabilities Commission. What has changed since then?

If the Oregon Disabilities Commission is shut down, thousands of Oregonians will be irreparably harmed because they will no longer have access to the support and services needed. ' Lee Allison, Medford