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Turn the rascals out

Right on! Move it or lose it was excellent. I prefer turn the rascals out.

The rascals, the neo-cons and others have a hidden agenda reflected in their mantras, shrink government and no new taxes. Rascals ignore the best interests of the state. Their mean agenda shrinks state finances so education and other human services can be eliminated or drastically curtailed.

The Bush administration's refusal to help the states is part of the scheme. ' Bill Layton, White City

Don't bash bikers

It's a shame that Jeff Golden received such a negative response to his wonderful idea to dedicate an entire show to encouraging more bike usage. More bike usage, and less driving, would mean safer streets for young and old alike.

The issues of bicycle commuting and riding on the sidewalk are completely separate and should not be confused. It is unfortunate indeed that a previous letter writer, Mr. Burger, has encountered rude and arrogant cyclists, but he neglected to make the proper distinction between someone who is generally behaving in an inconsiderate and unsafe manner (a cyclist who rides on the sidewalk) and someone who is making a transportation choice that is a million times safer for pedestrians than operating a car (a cyclist who rides in the street).

— Jeff Golden's idea for a show about smart and healthy transportation is a great one, and I look forward to tuning in. ' Erin Bolles, Ashland

Don't penalize retailers

The Mail Tribune's May 11 editorial, Like a business ... or not suggests all you have to do is put video poker in your establishment and you make &

36;100,000 a year. They forget to mention that out of that we have to pay our employees, payroll taxes, state and federal income taxes, property taxes, rent, utilities, employee benefits, amusement taxes, city business licenses, repair/maintenance and many other operating expenses, which continue to rise on a daily basis.

I am proud to say that I have ownership in four local companies, three of which have Oregon Lottery contracts ' Southern Oregon Elmer's, Purple Parrot of Oregon and DABO Foods). We employ approximately 300 employees. All 300 employees and their families will be negatively impacted if lottery commissions are reduced. Some will face job loss, benefit losses and pay decreases.

We have been Oregon Lottery retailers since 1993 and the current contract is already a reduction of the previous contract. It penalizes lottery retailers by reducing our commission as our lottery volume increases.

Let small business continue to function and stimulate local economies. ' Bob Brutke, Grants Pass

Ivins is Viper Queen

I have read mean-spirited, political diatribe spanning the entire political spectrum from both liberals and conservatives, but the supreme, yellow journalism award goes to the Viper Queen of the tabloids, Molly Ivins.

She has earned this shameful crown because her highly toxic columns are filled with bitterness, half truths and gross omissions, 90 percent of which is aimed at who she perceives to be her arch enemy, President Bush. Because of this obsession, she has long since abandoned any notion of objectivity. She also earned this unique distinction because of her ability to cunningly dupe a large following of liberals who apparently never research both the pro and con of current issues.

I have numerous examples where Ivins' integrity and veracity are called into question. Two examples being her article in support of the French and her claims concerning the Iraq war. Unfortunately, the Tribune's letter policy on length precludes me from listing all the factual details.

The gist of my letter is to encourage readers to do their own research and determine the real truth behind the issues. Don't simply follow or regurgitate the mantra of the forked tongue Viper Queen. ' Rick Smith, Rogue River

School's plan not justified

Re: Cascade Christian's proposal to develop city property and use it for private athletics with the city sharing the expense:

How can we justify spending public money to support the relocation and expansion of a private school system? ' Judy Byers, Medford