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Proud of Walden

Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association (SOTIA) is proud to be represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Greg Walden. The citizens of Oregon salute Congressman Walden for his leadership in moving the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 (HR 1904) forward in a timely fashion.

The summer of 2003 is rapidly approaching and our forests will soon be dry. While we may view our forests as static entities, they are constantly growing and producing new fiber. Leaving mother nature to reduce this constant accumulation of fiber and fuels through wildfire might be a solution, if we did not care about wildlife habitat, rural communities and our economy.

But Oregonians know better and with HR 1904 in our bag of tools to better manage our federal timberlands, we can move towards the common sense approach to forest management that President Bush championed during his visit to Medford last August.

The Healthy Forests legislation is now in the U.S. Senate. SOTIA would encourage Oregon Sens. Gordon Smith and Ron Wyden to carry the message: Oregonians' goal is to improve the health of our federal forests. HR 1904 will help us reach that goal.

Let's finish the legislative process quickly so that work on the ground can occur before the wildfires of 2003 are upon us. ' David S. Hill, SOTIA executive vice president, Medford

Should I boycott Medford?

In the May 28 issue of the Tribune, I read that Medford police arrested a Marine sergeant for giving false information regarding an assault incident.

Earlier this year, three National Guardsmen from Medford were arrested for hate crimes against defenseless individuals.

During the Iraqi war, a U.S. soldier attacked his own unit with a hand grenade.

At various times, I have read about the high rate of domestic violence on military bases around this country. Although these acts involving military personnel are hardly patriotic, I don't hear anyone suggesting that the military is overrun by bad people.

So why is it that when a couple of individuals burned American flags in Ashland we were subjected to a barrage of letters stereotyping Ashland, as a whole, as unpatriotic? Some letter writers even urged us to boycott Ashland by not attending the Fourth of July parade this year.

As a Talent resident I'm wondering, Should I boycott Medford, too, because of the lying Marine sergeant and the racist National Guardsmen? ' Paul Hadella, Talent

They also support

A writer recently mentioned how nice the Pride Ride was in their support of the military and the veterans, but seemed to indicate that the Women in Black weren't equally supportive.

The Women in Black are doing the same thing as the riders in the Pride Ride in showing and expressing their beliefs, though it be in a different way. They also support those in the military. They just don't support the Bush administration that chose a pre-emptive strike and sent the military there

It is easy to sit in a car and wave a flag but harder to stand in prayer or contemplative thought in silence and be taunted. ' Kathy Eck, Jacksonville

Protection or invasion

My wife and I recently returned to the Medford Airport from a trip to Florida. When we picked up our luggage, we noticed that three of our five suitcases had black nylon ties sealing the zippers closed instead of the fifteen dollars worth of locks we had recently purchased.

Since we had every single sharp object removed from our persons hours ago, we had no way to get into our bags to see if everything was still in them.

When we got home and opened them we found a little printed flyer inside each one courtesy of the Transportation and Safety Administration explaining how it was perfectly legal for them to secretly dig around in our luggage at will, and that if they had to cut the locks off we were to simply understand.

I would like to get the addresses of those who instituted this policy, and protect their homes by entering when they are away, rummage through their possessions, and leave a note on their table explaining how I was protecting their home while they were gone, and that if I broke the lock on the door when I secured the property, that I hope they understand. ' Darryl Edington, Eagle Point

Thankful for support

My heartfelt thanks to the 3,000 plus voters who believed in me for the Medford School Board. I am proud to live here, and raise my children here. I will also continue my volunteer efforts to help our schools get through a difficult time ahead. ' Robin Stroh, Medford

More fabrications

How interesting that after fabricating the reason for going to war with Iraq in the first place, we now find that its most glorious moment, the rescue of Pvt. Lynch, was also a fabrication (Lynch's rescue fabricated, 5/22/03).

It is hard to imagine how anyone could not question the administration's motive for war in light of these developments. Those who do question don't have to look far: just follow the money.

The biggest contributors to Bush's election get the biggest cut. Halliburton contributed not only money, but a CEO, so of course they get first grabs. I am awed at their brazenness, but not especially shocked. ' Michael Steely, Medford