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Definition of traitor

Many people wrote to the Mail Tribune complaining that my February letter describing the Confederate leaders as traitors was unwarranted.

Let us examine a few simple facts. For 227 years the U.S. has been a democracy. America's leaders are chosen by its citizens through the voting process. Citizens of Cuba, Yemen, Libya and North Korea have no such rights.

By definition, any person using or attempting violent acts to overthrow this American democracy is a traitor. Period.

Anybody who doesn't like our democratically elected government is free to leave right now. America does not have a Berlin Wall. Americans who hate democracy should move to some other country, preferably a dictatorship.

The Confederate leaders were racist and immoral people with values identical to those of Timothy McVeigh, the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-Nazi organization known as Aryan Nations. All of these men shared a hatred of black people and a desire to violently overthrow America's lawfully elected government. By any rational standard, this qualifies them as traitors.

— Is it any wonder that the Confederate flag is honored and revered by the aforementioned racist organizations? ' James Snyder, Medford

Disturbing Sunday silence

Yes, the Pride Ride was a marvelous display of support for our military and to all our veterans. However there is another side of the story.

As all those motorcycles and cars came roaring through Ashland, they were stopped by the red light at the corner of Laurel Street and North Main. As they sat there waiting for the light to change they revved up their engines and blew loud blasts on various horns.

Since this occurred shortly after 11, the Methodist Church on that corner was attempting to hold the morning worship service. The voice of our pastor was drowned our by the noise from outside. It was very disconcerting, and very disrespectful for a house of worship.

By the way, there are many veterans who attend this church. They did not feel too kindly toward this procession. May I suggest that if the Pride Ride is held again next year, that the organizers remember that on Sunday morning silence is golden. ' Alberta Apenes, Ashland

Teachers want facts

The recent article about the negotiations between School District 9 and our local association was one-sided, to say the least. Damian Mann could have and should have looked at the issue from both sides. Instead, he simply restated the district's position as if it were fact.

Negotiations are always difficult. The economic situation means the negotiations will be more difficult. It does not mean that everything the District says is fact. Quite the contrary. A cap on insurance is not the only answer. Our side is looking into different policies, different companies and different types of coverage. Our insurance costs will not increase by 40 percent as has been stated by their side. Some of our dollar shortages this year are due to the million-dollar fine paid by the district for illegal activities involving Medicaid.

When the negotiations began, we were told the lead negotiator for the district would be in charge until an agreement on the contract was reached. That same negotiator has been relieved of his negotiating duties. Perhaps it is because of the misinformation continually circulated by the district in their propaganda war on us. ' Mike Curtis, teacher, Eagle Point High School

Feed the hungry

I was so filled with pride in this community's response to nurse Robin Turgeson's plea for Blankets for Babies! The photo of the office filled with blankets and diapers touched my heart.

With warm weather upon us, I want challenge all those tilling and sowing to plant a row for the hungry families that live among us! There are so many ways to share fresh food, which is a luxury for people who have restricted budgets.

If you are unsure how or where to donate fresh produce, you can ask your local pastor, call ACCESS, Community Works or The Safe Place (where those baby blankets are being distributed from). You can deliver a bag of fresh vegetables to the folks who seek assistance at local freeway off-ramps, or look around the neighborhood, and connect with a family or elder that would feel blessed by the fresh food, and company.

Food nourishes the spirit and strengthens the body and the mind; working together to help the most vulnerable in the community is good for our hearts. ' Katherine Davis, Talent