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Graduation is for graduates

Congratulations to Dr. Wisely for all his years of service to the Medford school system. I hope he can remember that graduation at both high schools is to honor those students who are graduating. It is not the appropriate time to talk about himself and all of the contributions he and his wife have made.

In light of all that has occurred this year, a graceful exit would be much appreciated by both the audience and the community. ' John Grafwalner, Jacksonville

A chapter from Saddam's book

Our own government is contemplating expansion of the facilities at Guantanamo Bay to include a death row and execution chamber.

This was revealed by Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, who is in charge of the 680 currently held at the location. This would allow the accused to be tried in secret without counsel or jury or right of appeal, convicted and executed all in secret.

This must be a chapter from Saddam's own book. It would be well for all involved in this decision to consider the following: As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy. From Christopher Dawson's The Judgement of Nations. ' Harlan Moore, Medford

Government harassment

The Thursday, May 29 Mail Tribune article, New rules of the road target safety of minors, should have been, New rules of the road target, harass, and discriminate against minors! The elitist rogue Oregon Legislature won't resolve the state's budget crisis; therefore, they should all be sent packing! (Read: Move it or lose it, page 8A).

Our enlightened Democratic governor, Salem bureaucracy, and various members of Congress emulate a cadre of jackbooted Bolshevik Chekist and Soviet NKVD thugs during the totalitarian regimes of both Lenin and Stalin, respectively! This likewise includes the deceitful, damnable seat belt laws and anti-gun legislation!

The socialist bureaucrats, leftist special interest groups in state legislatures and Washington, D.C., and ignorant and deluded self- righteous voters who propose and prostitute these abominable, odious nanny state laws, falsely claim it's for the good of everyone. However, the hidden collectivist political agenda is this: Anything not under government of state control, is by definition, out of control.

The Gulag police state indoctrinates (brainwashes) the masses from youth to be passive, obedient soldiers, bureaucrats, students and workers. Whatever they (the state) can't get through political persuasion and propaganda, they take by judicial threats, extortion, coercion and force! ' James A. Farmer, Ashland

Code red

Code red! Code red! We've got problems, folks!

Let's consider:

1) A toll plaza at the south and north entrance to the state charging &

36;1 per vehicle.

2) An immediate sales tax of — percent.

3) A gas tax of five cents per gallon.

4) Taxing nonprofit organizations, including churches.

5) Taxing the Native American casinos. No taxes, no new casinos or remodeling of old ones.

6) A return to an active logging industry.

This will result in better schools, roads, bridges and a better economic future for our state.

We need an influx of capital. We do not need to put the burden on our residents by raising car license fees, fishing license fees, property taxes, etc. Those who use our state, including you and me, should pay.

We need a responsive Legislature that cares more about our state than their own re-elections. The state is not broke but the system is.

If our legislators won't act for our good then we must see that they do not return to Salem.

While we are running out of time, we have not run out of viable options. ' Wayne R. Martin, Medford

Thanks for caring

Our 10-year-old Siberian Husky got out of our yard and was in an accident about 1&

189; miles from our home on Friday, May 30 about 9 p.m.. We really never thanked the person involved in the accident for staying there until we arrived and the other gentleman and the lady that phoned us to tell us what happened.

They also stayed with Tasha until we arrived. The first thing the lady said on the phone was that Tasha didn't suffer. She went very quickly. We were very glad about that.

We would like to thank these three people for calling us and staying with Tasha. You don't know how much that meant to us knowing what happened and that she was not alone. Thanks again for all your concern. ' Kathy and Jack Campbell, Central Point