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Where are your kids'

Do you know what your kids are doing? I can't seem to find a kid who hasn't, at least once, called the Partyline to check it out, even kids as young as 9. I am just amazed that the same government that allows a business to operate that connects children with adults with no safeguards will put you in prison if something bad happens.

This Partyline is a cancer in our community that really needs to be cut out. It's bad for us and it's bad for our kids. Please, people, let's get their business license revoked! ' Jennifer Jacobson, Central Point

Thanks for assistance

While driving east on Siskiyou Boulevard by Hoover Elementary School this morning, a dog ran out in front of my car and I hit it. I need to thank all the people who stopped to help me and the dog.

First of all, the gentleman and his daughter who were going for a walk. Your kindness will not go unrewarded. Second, all the people who either worked at Hoover or were bringing their children to school ' thank you for stopping at the beginning of your busy day to help a stranger.

To Sandee Dibb for following up and calling me at home to check on things. To the woman who held the dog's head and calmed it down until the tech from Orchard Hill Veterinary came, and to Nancy and Linda, the veterinary techs from Orchard Hill ' what compassion you have.

— A big thanks to Orchard Hill Veterinary Hospital. May God bless all of you. ' Carreen Petach, Medford

What health-care system?

On Friday, May 30, at the insistence of my regular physician, I called my pulmonologist in Medford for an emergency appointment. I was first screened by the receptionist, who then let me talk to the nurse, who agreed that I should be seen early. I was then contacted by the scheduler who, after screening me again, squeezed me in ' on Aug. 19.

A recent poll indicated that 39 percent of Americans thought that our health-care system worked, 31 percent didn't think it worked, and 30 percent responded, What health-care system? ' Chris Thompson, Ashland

Cartoon deceitful

I couldn't help noticing the cartoon you published last week which showed an evangelical zealot converting a Muslim by jamming fundamentalist Christian dogma down the throat of a prostrate Muslim.

As one who worked 10 years with an organization dedicated to ministry to Muslims, both in Europe and North Africa, I found the ignorance, inaccuracy and just plain deceit portrayed in the cartoon appalling. Nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone with any knowledge of Christian missions to Muslims would know.

The cartoonist's anti-Christian bias is pathetically hateful. And the creative drawing ' perhaps the cartoonist works for the New York Times? ' Leary Hood, White City

No back door to Kyoto

The Unites States Senate is currently debating energy legislation, S 14, the National Energy Policy Act of 2003 which does not include language that would regulate carbon dioxide emissions. However, some senators, like John Edwards, will attempt to attach amendments to the bill that would cap or regulate carbon dioxide.

Their attempts to do so are simply back-door attempts to enact the Kyoto Protocol, which President Bush rightly rejected. Enacting provisions of the Kyoto Protocol would only serve to undermine our energy security, drive up costs for consumers and detrimentally affect our nation's economy. In fact, a study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that the costs of Kyoto could be almost &

36;400 billion annually.

Climate scientists can find little evidence of rising temperatures and no real data linking the use of fossil fuels with any alleged climate change. Put simply, we do not yet know enough about climate to risk such a rash action as regulating carbon dioxide.

I agree with President Bush's decisions to reject the Kyoto Protocol and attempts to cap carbon dioxide emissions. I hope that both our U.S. senators do the same and refrain from supporting amendments that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. ' Larry Baines, Medford