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How many Wal-Marts'

How many Wal-Mart stores does this Valley need; two, three, four? How many empty Wal-Mart stores does this valley need; one, two? When will the people of this valley put local businesses first; now or never? ' A. Sizemore, Central Point

Inmates running asylum

Dr. Douglas Kirkpatrick stated clearly and concisely one of the major problems facing our health care system in this country.

Avaricious trial lawyers seek and obtain multi-million dollar pain and suffering and punitive damage awards resulting in physicians raising their fees to compensate for increased insurance premiums or, alternatively, relocating or retiring. Unfortunately, this will not change as long as the 'inmates' ' trial lawyers ' are running the institutions ' our local, state and federal governments. ' Dr. Gaither B. Everett, Medford

The issue is health

Southern Oregon University's decision to forgo the blood drive due to what the students say is discriminatory policies by the American Red Cross shows neither logic nor even common sense. How does this policy discriminate?

Are lesbians allowed to donate blood? The answer is yes. Right there, the discrimination claim is out the window.

— If I lived in Equatorial New Guinea anytime in my life (which I haven't), I would not be able to donate either. Does that give me the right to protest one of the greatest organizations ever founded? I think not.

The issue is health, and it will always be health. Until research is founded that concludes the risk in sexually active gay males is no longer there, we must accept the rules and quit whining about discrimination. ' Jay Franklin, Ashland

Didn't contribute enough

Although I have never been a fan of Martha Stewart (has any male?), the fact that she has been indicted for insider trading is, in my opinion, a farce. When Kenny Boy Lay, Bernie Ebbers, et al, take millions out of their respective companies just prior to declaring bankruptcy (thus costing small investors all of their money), and then get off without any penalty, why Martha?

Oh, I just realized why. Even though you are a Republican, Martha, you are not a good old boy and you probably did not contribute enough to Dubya's election fund. ' Bob Carson, Medford

Tax cuts work

In her letter to the editor (Saturday, June 7), Karen Beadle says one of the most ridiculous things I have read in a long time. More jobs, she says, are going to be lost due to ridiculous tax cuts. I call on the state of Oregon to use some of the more than &

36;10,000 per year we pay (numbers from the Oregon Department of Education Web site) for her education, and teach her some basic economics.

The facts are that cutting taxes helps the economy. JFK did it and it worked. Reagan did it and it worked. George H. W. Bush inherited the economy from Reagan (who cut taxes).

Then Karen says the tax cuts aren't for the people living near the edge. I will try and make this as clear as possible. It is impossible to cut taxes for people that do not pay taxes. After all, this is a tax cut, not a handout.

I was thinking about not writing a response, because, after all, she is only 16. Maybe I wouldn't have, if it weren't for that fact that I am 16 also.

Finally, in her last line, she writes, someone do something. I second the motion. I even have an idea what to do! Teach the future generation some economics! ' Manny Calavera, Ashland

Do what's right

On May 22, the Oregon House rejected a measure that would have required insurance companies to include contraception as part of prescription drug coverage.

With one exception, Republicans once again locked up and blocked women's access to basic health care. Right to Life was one of the chief opponents of the bill. Our Southern Oregon representatives, with the exception of Alan Bates, succumbed to the strong arm of the Republican leadership.

A few months ago at a public forum on abortion, Right to Life's representative was asked about the organization's position on birth control. She said they don't take a position.

This makes no sense. The use of contraception should be something that we can all get behind: It prevents unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion.

Yet, apparently they do take a position. By opposing this measure they opposed women's access to fair and equal health care and an opportunity to reduce abortions.

In 2001 a federal court in Washington ruled that an employer's exclusion of prescription contraception violated federal law and was discriminatory toward women. Stop listening to Right to Life and do what's right for women and their families. ' Sunny Spicer-Schneider, Medford