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Remember our history

For the past few years, your newspaper has (in my view) displayed a flagrant disregard for our national history. On June 6 (a day of real historical significance), not one word regarding D-Day.

Although I sincerely applaud the local single mother for finishing her education, I find it difficult to compare that with the invasion of Fortress Europe, which began the decline of the Axis powers and ultimately the end of World War II. ' Murray LaHue,Phoenix

Praise for writers

My husband and I have been taking the Mail Tribune ever since we returned to the valley in 1971 and it is my morning reading with my cup of coffee. I would like to give praise to some special local reporters and feature writers.

Paul Fattig is one of my favorites who covers events and subjects of particular interest to people here. Tuesday, I look forward to Sharon Johnson's articles; Thursday is probably the only day of the week I read the sports page and Mark Freeman is the reason.

We are fortunate to have a person of Joyce Schillen's caliber to cover gardening Saturdays. Her column reflects good research and hands on experience.

— A fairly recent publication, HomeLife, is a very high-quality magazine and I hope it will be continued. ' E.J. Spayde, Jacksonville

We can't eat money

The recent controversy over timber logging and the fishing laws nauseates me that there is controversy at all. The Oregon House passed a bill to declare wild salmon and hatchery salmon equivalent in the eyes of the law, therefore falsely inflating the salmon population and removing wild salmon from the endangered species list in Oregon.

This contortion of science and morality itself should be criminal. The old-growth forests have also come under consideration for thinning on the basis that they are too crowded.

Yes, I hate it when forests get all natural, the way evolution has created an equilibrium over millions of years. Humans do know better ways to manage the environment, exemplified by our vast consumption of resources. This arrogance over nature and the assumption that we somehow have the right to control it is offensive.

This 19th century Cree Indian proverb has even more meaning now than it did when first uttered: Only when the last tree has died, and the last river poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will the white man realize that he cannot eat money. ' Michael Stout, Ashland

A building without people

Investing tens of millions of dollars into the material energy of brick and mortar for libraries in Jackson County and then not allocating the necessary dollars for the human resource energy to give life to those buildings seems to me to be crazy!

What we as a community are saying to ourselves by this action is that we value the buildings above the human spirit. Of what value is a beautiful library building without people?

What is more valuable to the long-term health of a community than the intellectual and creative development of its citizens, especially the kids, the very future of Jackson County? How would we feel if our new multi-million dollar Ashland fire station cut back its available services because we did not choose to put the money into hiring firefighters?

Ridiculous, you say? Indeed. Collective decisions of this nature define the viability of the future for us and state emphatically to the world who we are.

What will it be, Jackson county residents? Giving in to the expediency of the economic moment or biting the bullet and creating a sustainable intellectual environment for our community?

How? Try some creative thinking. You can learn about it at the library. ' Jim Fritz, Ashland

Listening to bad radio

Seems to me that if you don't think there are or were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then you're listening to bad radio. If weapons of mass destruction include the gases that killed all of those poor souls in northern Iraq as we danced away, I rather think yes, they had 'em, still have 'em, and they are somewhere we haven't searched yet.

That man murdered almost a million people on his watch. That alone is good enough reason to take his regime out.

Any Oregonian who thinks that the money we are sinking into Iraq could be better spent here on our jobless state is foolish. We are protecting the very American way of working for a living by doing this over there. That same money would not be spent here, but rather somewhere else where human rights and freedom are not. ' Mike Hinkes, Medford

A really green lawn

How about doing something truly patriotic this Fourth of July ' like changing to yard care that is good for your health and your pocketbook, good for your neighbors and good for the air quality of the land we love?

According to the EPA, fully one-fifth of our nation's air pollution is due to small engines and equipment used to tend our lawns and gardens. They claim that in only a half-hour a gas-powered lawn mower emits more pollution than a car driven 187 miles!

Alternatives are to plant ground cover and shrubs in lieu of grass in some areas.

Less grass to mow makes it quite easy to change to an electric, solar, or people powered reel mower. The latter is my choice, less expensive, most trouble-free, most environmental friendly and the best exercise. ' Eileen Adee, Medford

Teacher made the difference

I am a single father. Last year at this time my son brought home a D on his 4th grade report card. Yesterday, he had nine A's and four B's. He got a check-plus because he was one of the kids who turned in every single homework assignment in the month of May.

What is the reason for this turnaround? Simply, his 5th grade teacher at Sams Valley Elementary, Mrs. Palmer-Nowland. She is that one-in-a-million lady who loves seeing children learn and helps all who know her find a better sense of self respect.

My son is going on to junior high next year. While I am sorry to see him grow up so fast, I have faith in the future of humanity because of the seeds planted and experiences shown by teachers like Mrs. Palmer-Nowland. The recent assault on our great teachers in Oregon through budget cuts has not diminished their spirit, but as a society we need, now, to come to their aid. It's time to support our teachers and schools. Those teachers have changed the future of all of us for the better. Just you wait and see. Thank you Mrs. Palmer-Nowland! ' Thomas Beatty, Central Point

Salvage backers don't lie

A recent letter from Ken Crocker states that salvage logging of fire-killed timber damages the ability of a forest to recover after a fire and that any claims to the contrary are deceitful lies. He further states forests are susceptible to fires precisely because of past logging and fire suppression policies.

Lets clear the air on these issues. Large fires which were logged and planted and which returned to healthy forests include the Tillamook Burns and the Oxbow burn. These are proven results ' not computer models. Proven results are not deceitful lies. They are facts..

The 1910 fire in Idaho and Montana burned — million acres. This fire occurred only 5 years after the Forest Service began. It was caused by high temperatures, prolonged periods without rain, low humidity and high winds. It was not caused by past logging and fire suppression policies. This area was not logged or planted and resulted in a 2 million acre brush field. You see, Ken, it takes trees to make a forest.


there are some deceitful lies being told regarding salvage but they don't originate from those who favor. ' Pat Clason, Medford

Go, Molly, go

Molly is the most informed writer published. She was right about Bush's lies on Iraq. Every reason he gave for invading has been disproven. They will find no WMD's, as the Iraqi generals have no reason to lie now, under threat of death.

Where are the idiots who persecuted Clinton for one lie about sex now? Why is the media not publishing accounts of the lies daily, like they did Clinton? 95 percent of the world knew the war was fought for the wrong reasons. They would respect a man who, instead of making lies, just says, Saddam is a bad man and must be overthrown.

People like Molly Ivin's and Iraqi inspector Scott Ritter are American heroes who tell it like it is. Go, Molly, go. ' John Holseth, Phoenix