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No smiley faces here

Skipping out on Talent after only seven years, Wal-Mart now wants to bless our fair community with its part-time, poverty-wage, unbenefited work opportunities, and all those lovely imports from Red China.

It's just what Central Point needs, a 200,000-square-foot super store just down the road from a truck stop and the Expo entrance! If you think things are moving kind of slow on West Pine Street now, get ready, 'cause you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Were this a new church going in and the locals protested its location, I'm sure they would have some say about what was going to happen. But this is big business hiding behind a happy face while sending intimidating lawyers to threaten with lawsuits if we don't give them what they want. Not a pretty picture and certainly not my idea of what America should be about.

Before logging on public lands takes place, environmental impact statements are first drafted. In the case of Wal-Mart I think it would be wise for the folks of Central Point to allow for the compiling of a community impact statement. Yes, let the residents speak up and exercise those rights this corporate giant thinks are exclusively its own. ' Fred K. Harrison, Central Point

Birthright says thanks

Thank you to all who contributed to the baby shower sponsored by KDOV on June 5 and 6.

— We appreciate your generosity and the time you took to stop by the radio station to show your support. ' Louise Gorman and the Birthright of Medford volunteers

Pagel showed integrity

In response to Kurt Austerman's letter, An Incredible Tale (June 7), I would like to condone, not condemn, biologist Joel Pagel on acting with great integrity and honesty.

Working for an organization as large as the Forest Service certainly does call for some compromises on the part of its employees, as made evident by zoning certain tasks that need to be done. There is also, however, a fine line between compromising for the good of an organization and compromising one's ethics and values system.

Joel Pagel made the decision to expose great discrepancies in Forest Service surveys that record rare and endangered species on land that is being considered to be sold for lumber. It is unfortunate that anyone who shows any concern for endangered species and ecosystems is labeled an environmental extremist.

Pagel made us aware of a situation that directly affects us ' it is our public land and we assume the Forest Service is representing us to their fullest ability. If they are not, then it is our right to know about it and demand that the necessary measures be taken to ensure us that the lands that need to be protected indeed are. ' Marie-Claire Munnelly, Ashland

Editorial had it right

Your editorial June 11 was right on the money. The nurseries should be named, and also what the signs of sudden oak death look like.

I bought a camellia in early February. I do not know what to look for on the plant. It does have some browning on some leaves but I just thought it was sunburn.

I certainly would not blame the nursery for having sold any of these plants, as they are the innocent party, but I would like to know if my camellia came from a possible source of this infection. ' Janice Carpenter, Medford