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Hospice says thanks

Recently, Asante Hospice held their Hospice Volunteer Recognition Picnic at Bear Creek Park. The weather was super and a good time was had by all.

I would like to thank all the local businesses whose donations made the picnic such a success. Especially, I'd like to thank our major contributors, Bear Creek Corp., Indian Motorcycle, Karizma and the Reston Hotel.

I also want to thank the barbershop quartet Delusions of Grandeur for their wonderful entertainment, and of course, most of all, the volunteers. Your compassion and caring has helped many terminally ill patients and their families during a very difficult time. ' Cheryl Robertson, volunteer coordinator, Asante Hospice, Medford

Bush must go

The papers say that our fearless unelected leader Mr. Bush may have exaggerated about the reasons for going to war with Iraq. Mr. Bush told all of us over and over that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons and that they would have nuclear weapons soon.

Mr. Bush did not exaggerate. He knowingly, willfully and deliberately lied to us ' to all of you. No amount of spin (otherwise known as b.s.) will change that.

— We convened impeachment proceedings for a president who lied about having sex. What do we do with a liar whose lies led to the death of tens of thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of Americans and has enraged much of the world? Bush and his lies must go. ' Tom Dimitre, Ashland

Reform health care

OK, I'm a conservative. A staunch conservative most of the time. But an issue has come to my attention that I believe cannot be dealt with in usual conservative fashion.

I'm talking about health care. After recently having to deal with a couple of health issues and my HMO ' or I should say Health Denial Organization ' I realized what a lucrative scam these insurance companies have. I guess many of us are shortsighted. We can stand on the beach and not see the ocean until a wave hits us in the face.

As my HDO continues to deny more and more of the life-sustaining treatment and medication I need, I can't help but wonder about the single working moms and young working couples who don't have my resources. Do they give up food, or medication?

I believe everyone should work in some way for their dinner, but dinner shouldn't cost more than you can earn. We need health-care reform in the state of Oregon now.

It's time to get proactive. If there is any organization working to change this terrible system please contact me if I can help. ' Michael Patnesky, Gold Hill

Welfare by another name

Regarding the House tax bill article in your Nation-world section Friday, June 13: If the Republicans argue that the tax credits to the poor should be labeled welfare payments, my questions is, What do the Republicans call their tax credits? ' Frances Bovee, Medford

Relative morality

I've heard conservatives charge the rest of us with moral relativism, whatever that means. OK, how about you?

Assuming that Dubya hasn't strayed in his marriage, which I don't, does that make him moral? Is it moral to be Bill Bennett and gamble away &

36;10 million of your family's money, even if you win back 8 million? (Ironic, since he made those millions shilling his books on virtue).

You support a war that had no provocation, no threat to our security, killed thousands of civilians and is still killing our troops. You doubled the national debt while starving needy children of food, medicine and shelter and cut off funding to schools just so rich Republicans could get tax breaks to send their brats to Europe and Betty Ford. Is that moral?

By the way, all of Clinton's most virulent critics had chippies on the side and when I worked in local bars I saw plenty of you conservatives cheating on your spouses! Judge not, lest ye be judged! ' Mark A. Forrette, Medford